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Credit System (Number of ECTS, Classification ECTS)

The VŠEM credit system is based on evaluating both the study workload (the number of lectures, seminars and consultations attended by full-time students) and the learning outcome quality (the distance learning outcomes, such as exams, seminar papers, etc.) Therefore, the number of credits allocated is determined in relation to the time requirements and to the study workload of a given course/study programme.

The number of credits (standard period of study)

Study programme

Standard Length of Studies

Maximal Length of Studies

Number of Credits

Bachelor (Bc.)
3 years unlimited 180
Master (Ing.)
2 years unlimited 120
Master (MBA)
1 year unlimited 90
Doctoral (Ph.D.) 3 years unlimited 120

ECTS Credit System

VŠEM uses the ECTS credit system, which gives students access to international mobility programmes and which, along with the Diploma Supplement, allows recognition of university degrees across the EU member states.
  • The credit system brings many advantages to students (the possibility to design an individual study plan in some study programmes or to interrupt studies).

  • Students individually determines the speed of compliance (within control of study), but student still have to permorms conditions, set by the study department (stracture and study schedule).

Grading standards within ECTS

ECTS Garde

Czech Grades Expressed in Numbers

Number of points scored



91 - 100



81 - 90



71 - 80



61 - 70



51 - 60



0 - 50

Administration and Control Studies

  • Students are required to obtain a prescribed (minimum) number of credits for the entire study.
  • Students will receive credits upon successful completion of courses/modules (within control of study). Number of credits evaluates the quantity, not the quality of the student's work.
  • Due to the offer degree courses and professional specializations with the necessity of completing all mandatory elective study subjects/modules, is the credit system of VSEM only an additional student information element within the administration and control of study.