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Recognition of Subjects

Accepting the subjects/exams from other universities (VŠ) is subject to VŠEM internal rules (VŠEM study and examination rules, Statute of VŠEM) and internal regulations of the Rector, and the decision is made by the Vice-Rector based on the student submitted materials.

  • The acceptance of the subject/s significantly depends on the (content) compliance in the annotation of the accredited subject.
  • The basic administration conditions of accepting the subjects/exams is the successful passing of the admission proceedings at VŠEM, student’s status.
  • A registered applicant can request preliminary statement as regards the option to accept the passed exams and subsequent filing of the application to accept the subject/exams by means of SIS VŠEM/Studijní formulář/Žádost.
  • The accepted subjects/exams are registered in the student’s SIS VŠEM/E-index within 30 days from the Administration Register.
  • Not recognized exams from VOŠ (via Standards Accreditation Commission for recognition of courses from VOŠ).

Administration issues and the application materials

A student in the application specifies the study subject at VŠEM which he/she requires to be accepted in relation to the passed exams, the name of University and the graduation years (term for processing an application for accepting the subject is 30 days from filing the application, i.e. delivering all related materials by the student/applicant).

  • An integral part of the application are the materials for accepting the subject/s, and failure to provide the materials by the student/applicant is considered the incompliance with the conditions for accepting the subject/s and the application is excluded from the study department registry after 14 days.
  • The annotation of the passed subject specifying the content and scope of the course and the review of the study literature.

  • Confirmation and evaluation of the subject (classification evaluation) from the study department of the VŠ/VOŠ, where it was passed.

  • Name of the lecturer/examiner.

  • Failure to provide documentation of applicants/students is considered for non-compliance.

Conditions for accepting the subjects/exams

  • Date of the classification evaluation of the study subject/exam must not be older than 5 years from the date of submitting the application.
  • Professional level of the output knowledge (classification) and VŠ/VOŠ, where the study subject was passed.
  • No credits, seminary and final thesis/tests will be recognized.
  • Only the entry module will be recognized for the applicants for the related master’s program (MBA) (Economic Environment, Economic Policy, Legal Environment).
  • If a student fails to pass an exam at VŠEM, the exam cannot be accepted retrospectively.

The conditions for accepting the subjects/exams from former studies at VŠEM

  • Overall application of a student for the acceptance of the subjects/exams.
  • The recognition of the SP may be requested, if the SP was defended by an expert committee (presentation SP) and classified 1-3 (number of credits must be consistent with the current structure of the study, via Structure of the Studies/Seminar block).
  • Applicants/students applying for recognition Graduate/classified study subjects/SP from previous studies aat VŠEM within the same study program (Bc./Ing.) Sent a request for recognition of objects/exams/SP via SIS VŠEM/Study form/object recognition/exams/exams VŠEM /.
  • Not recognized credits, thesis and final exams.

Foreign language

Recognition of the exams from the compulsory, optional language (English/German) pursuant by the certificate, state final exams, depends at the Common European Framework of Reference of Council of Europe.