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Admission Dates

Choose your own starting date (October, January, April)

Study programmes of the University of Economics and Management start three times per year (October, January, April). On the basis of terms for beginning the study will determined date for submitting the application form.

Regular and additional/extra terms of admission proceedings



APRIL 2017


Deadline date for submitting the application form for EU students 01/11/2016 16/01/2017 01/09/2017
Deadline date for submitting the application form for Non-EU students 01/11/2016 16/01/2017 01/07/2017*
Admissions interview term individually individually individually
Materials for enrollment - 1st year until 05/01/2017 until 01/04/2017 according to the date of the interview
Note term closed term closed term open

*Earlier deadline date is due to visa processing.

Conditional acceptance to the study

According to the Higher Education Act no. 111/1998 Coll., the applicant cannot be accepted for the university studies of the 2nd cycle degree (master's degree), unless he has not completed the 1st cycle degree (bachelor's degree). The applicant can apply for the conditional admission to studies, provided that he specifies the date of delivering the relevant documents of the highest educational attainment.

  • Graduates of VŠEM (Bc.) may request for conditional admission to the Master´s degree program (Ing./MSc.) within the regular Admission procedure date (E-application VSEM), based on the date of their bachelor thesis defence, or more precisely based on the date of bachelor's degree graduation from VSEM.