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VŠEM Scholarships

Basic scholarship programme at VŠEM is the price level SCHOLARSHIP (e.g. reduced cost of annual tuition fees), which can be increased up to 100% of annual tuition fees within SCHOLARSHIP VŠEM. SCHOLARSHIPS are currently available only for students studying Czech study programmes.


Price level Scholarship contains a reduced price of annual tuition for study programs (Bc./Ing.) implemented at VŠEM in the given academic year. It is essential to meet at least one of the conditions.

  • Study average (results from previous studies at secondary school/university)
  • Veterans of the Czech Republic (according to Law no. 170/200 Sb.)
  • Non-profit organizations (NGO staff)
  • Healthcare (employees of the health and social facilities)
  • Top sport (members of the Czech national team)
  • Handicapped and Disabled (ZTP)
  • Single mothers/lone parent

Scholarship VSEM

The price level Scholarship can be increased up to 100% of annual tuition fees so called SCHOLARSHIP VŠEM for exceptional academic, athletic, development, research and extracurricular activities of the apllicant/ student. Applicable, when meeting specified criteria.

Social and accomodation Scholarship (Ministry of Education)

Payment of scholarships/supplements of the child (social scholarship) and accommodation allowance (accomodation scholarship), establishes the Higher Education Act no. 111/1998 Coll. and conditions of the Ministry of Education, which pays out the listed scholarships.