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Studies Abroad (Conditions, Partner Universities)

To study abroad is an ideal way to discover the culture and academic life of a foreign country.

The international cooperation belongs to key activities of the Univerzity of Economics and Management VŠEM. VŠEM cooperates with more than 40 European and non-European universities. Students have the opportunity to attend trimester,or all year at a partner university abroad.

Study abroad In the Europe are implemented within programme ERASMUS+, in other countries under programmes and joint cooperation agreements.

Programme Erasmus+

Programme Erasmus+ is part of the European Lifelong Learning Programme (Lifelong Learning Programme), focusing on cooperation between higher education institucion and cooperation between these institutions and companies.

  • Study abroad to a partner abroad university in length 3 - 12 months.
  • Practical internship in a foreign company, training, research center or other legitimate organization in length 2 - 12 months.

International cooperation

Students and staff of VŠEM are attend an abroad exchange visits, conferences, seminars, within the development of international contacts. VŠEM also visits students, teachers and other staffs from the foreign partners  universities.

Other possibilities to study abroad

Except programme Erasmus +, there are other possibilities to study abroad, students must develop greater independence and activity. For more information, see the following references.

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