Instructions for Enrollment


NOTE: these instructions do not apply for the 1 year MBA study programme in English

Overview of administrative tasks from selecting of study modules to control of electronic enrollment (detailed instructions are available on VŠEM websites, see Administration of Studies / Enrollment / Student). Electronic enrollment  must be done by all students who don´t have closed studies (classified sub-tests, assessments and seminar papers).

Selection of study modules

  • Read through Instructions for electronic enrollment (PDF file, see Administration of Studies / Enrollment / Student)
  • Read through Structure and study schedule
  • Look into the SIS VŠEM / Schedule or Classification overview and clarify, which study modules I have already enrolled
  • Choose from the modules that haven´t been enrolled yet. The choice should be based on linkup to the recommended Structure and schedule of study and the input requirements of the subjects / modules.
  • Wait for the information about publication of schedules for the next academic year. The information will be publicised in News.  Than look into the SIS VŠEM / Student schedule / Schedule of all study groups (divided into trimesters)

Payment of tuition fees (pro forma invoice)

  • Download the invoice (SIS VŠEM / Payments SIS) and pay tuition fees under correct billing informations
  • The tuition fees must be paid before due date indicated on the proforma invoice
  • See if you have other unpaid invoices (eg. for extra terms or services) and make a payment
  • Wait for enlisting of the payment  to VŠEM SIS / SIS payments. Enlisting of the payment cannot be hasten in any way (offline ascribing to the SIS, duration is 3 - 5 days)
  • Paying the invoice shortly before due date limits the choice of study modules (full capacity)

Electronic enrollment (1.7. – 31.8.)

  • Check whether all invoices are paid
  • SIS VŠEM / Student schedule / Create Electronic enrollment / Schedule
  • Select the academic year for which enrollment is done
  • Enrol modules to all three trimesters regardless of the end of study of its prolongation
  • If the number of my  not enrolled modules is lower than the number of trimesters, select "Without direct tuition" in the remaining trimester
  • If there aren´t any study modules left to study, choose "Without direct tuition" in all three trimesters. The number of this module is not important, just don´t repeat the same value throughout the schedule.
  • "Continue", check the schedule and "Save"
  • Electronic enrollment Ing. / MBA: Confirm a fixed schedule for the next AR (the continuity of study modules does not allow creating individual schedules)
  • Download in SIS VŠEM / e-browser  Student statement, print it, sign it, scan it and send in a single file by Study form / application / enquiry.

Electronic enrollment ISP (1.7. – 31.8.)

  • If I have approved application for Individual Study Plan (send up to 1.8)
  • Select the module "ISP" into trimesters for which I ask to be shortened/ ISP, or "Without direct tuition" if I do not partake any tutition anymore

Changes in Electronic enrollment (1.7. – 31.8.)

  • SIS VŠEM/Schedule/Create electronic enrollment/Schedule
  • Annul original schedule by choosing "Choose" in all three trimesters. Save.
  • Create new EZ
  • Save new EZ

Control of Electronic enrollment

  • Click on selected academic year in SIS VŠEM / Schedule
  • In Webmail VŠEM check an acceptance of e-mailu „Enrollment list"