Instructions for Exams

Administrative instructions for exams (electronic exams, final exams). Information on how to login/ logout of tests, grading scale, cross-checking of exams.

Electronical exams

  • Partial tests are carried out electronically by computer test (multiple choice) with more correct answers.
  • Students may do the exam only in the examination period. There are no given terms, when a specific exam should be done. If the student will not have all his exams done by the end of standard period of study, the study must be extended. It is therefore recommended for examinations to be taken regularly.
  • Tests are carried out in an examination room (no. 404). Student must arrive 30 minutes in advance. Student can enter the examination room only after being invited in by the members of staff. Students put all their things in lockers in front of the examination room, they are not allowed to bring them in.
  • Upon entry, students check in by their ID cards. After finishing the exam, they also use their ID card to check out.
  • Students recieve stationery and desk accessories/ tools (calculator, pen&paper, math/ economics charts and  etc.) from the administrative staff, they must not use their own.

Sign on and sign off the exam

  • Prepare for an exam using study materials (textbooks, e-learning, presentation). The test can be taken only from the subject, which is in student´s schedule.
  • Sign on an exam via SIS VŠEM/Exams/Sign on exam. Select the date, time and study subject. Singning on is possible to the day before (till 23:59.).
  • If the student can not attend the exam, he/she must sign off of it in time (specific dates are given on the Administration of Study/Control of Study / Exams).
  • In case of absence, student doesn´t put up a confirmation from a doctor/employer/office, etc. Each student can be absent 3 times without giving any reason within the system of "sick days".

Grading system

  • Exams are graded on scale from 0 to 100 points (0-50 = 4 / 51-70 = 3 / 71-90 = 2/91 to 100 = 1).
  • Student get full amout of points only in case of all correct answers. One wrong answer mean the whole question is for 0 points. If the student selects only part of the correct answers, he/she will receive an adequate share of points.
  • Immediately after completion of the test, student sees the number of points recieved. The final result will be also put in E-index in SIS VŠEM.

Review of the examination test

  • Student can look through graded examination tests through SIS VŠEM/Applicant´s files/Student/Examination tests and safety program LockLizard (format PDC). Students who according to the price level are not eligible for a LockLizard licence can do so in the Study/Library VŠEM without prior request.
  • In the test, student can see only number of recieved points and marked answers. Student can´t see right answers.
  • If the student disagrees with the grading, he/she may request a review. Student asks for a review by sending a request via Study form/Request/Inquiry. Students must specify disputable questions and answers. Test can be reviewed within 30 days of entering the grade into SIS VŠEM.

Number of exam attemps

  • Student has 3 attempts to each examination (1 regular and 2 resit). After that, student have the fourth attempt, which is charged by the administrative price list of VSEM.  If all of the attempts has been unsuccessful, student can ask for "rector´s term". There isn´t a legal entitlement for a rector´s term.
  • Request for a rector's term shall be sent via Study forms/Requests / inquiry. Study subject has to be stated, student also has to explain why he/she failed previous times and terms (date and time), when he/she wants to attend rector´s term. Student chooses terms from already offered terms for exams (Calendar of tuition and exams).
  • If the application is approved, information and advisory centre will sign student on the test.
  • In case rector´s term is not granted, study is terminated.

Final exam

  • Electronic test (60 min.), which contains four open questions, where student writes an answer.
  • During their studies, students take a set number of final exams (depending on Structure of study). Each final exam and it´s content can be found in the database (PDF format).
  • Firstly, it is necessary to pass all partial tests which fall within a certain final exam.

Grading of final exams

  • Grading of final exam can take up to 30 days (each question is sent to a lecturer, who must grade it).
  • Final exams are graded on scale from 0 to 100 points (0-50 = 4 / 51-70 = 3 / 71-90 = 2/91 to 100 = 1). For each question, student can get a maximum of 25 points.
  • Grading is put in student´s e-index and is also send to the student´s e-mail.
  • Student has 3 attempts for each final exam. If a student fails the third attempt, he/she can aplly for a rector´s term.
  • In case a rector´s term is not approved, study is terminated.
  • Review of the examination test - coditions for a review of the final exam are the same as for the regular exams.

Examination period

  • Each student has given examination period, which is valid for exams, final exams and defense of seminar paper.
  • Examination period depends on the price level, detailed information are available on websites Administration  of Study / Tuition and examination period.
  • If a student signs on exam / SP defense outside their examination period, he/she is graded 4 (failed).