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Repeating of Part of Studies (Administration and Conditions)

Repeating of the tuition of a course/module/year specifies the administration conditions for student’s possibility/obligation to repeat the study course, study module or the full year of the respective study program and study form (Study and Examination rules VŠEM). A student can or must under predefined conditions and within specified cases repeat the tuition of partial courses or the whole module.

Repeating of the tuition beyond schedule

Repeating of the tuition of course/module beyond schedule for the academic year is charged according to the price list of administrative (except price level Premium). Student use to study form/Request/Inquiry.
  • Student can repeat any teaching of course, unless he will not block place for other students, who have entered teaching by own schedule at trimester/academic year.
  • repeating the part  of teaching (except price level Premium) is charged by administrative price list of VŠEM. Unauthorized participation is regarded as a disciplinary offense of student.
  • Repeating any teaching without bond to schedule, has not effect to attendace, registration system (ARS). Student has not entitled to imputation of plus 20 points (+20) for the exam (within control of study).
  • Charged, repeating of teaching (beyond the price level) must be paid by the student no letter than day repeating lessons/teaching focus (cash, credit card).