Instructions for Theses (SP, DT)

Seminar paper (SP) is a separate written output of the student (student can have the supervisor of SP) for the seminar block, where there is no paper or essay, but rather an academic text according to appropriate instructions and defined standards.

Before writing and defending the SP

  • Each SP must be written and presented in accordance with instructions for writing theses (VSEM).
  • Before writing your first of seminar paper go through the instructions for writing scientific papers that will be your guide.
  • Reviewing your chosen area (theme and the name of SP), along with finding relevant academic sources in sufficient quantities.
  • Establish a narrower thematic areas (themes) for your SP.

When to write the SP

  • Deadline for submission and defense of SP is fixed.
  • We encourage you to be interested by this term from the commencement of studies at VSEM.
October 31st December 15th January 1st March
January 1st April 15th April 11th June
April 30th June 15th July 1st September

Topic of the SP

  • Topics of the seminar paper are assigned / chosen individually by student.
  • Students are recommended to consult theme of their thesis with lecturer of the relevant subject.
  • Before the student starts working on the seminar paper, the topic must be approved by the professor.
  • Each student can, obviously, ask his or her professor for a consultation.
  • In the seminar paper, students should prove the ability of deeper understanding a processing of the chosen issue which exceeds the framework of the course and its basic study literature.
  • The seminar paper should be written and send to the VŠEM email (

Format of the SP

  • The thesis should include prescribed title and cover (title) page, followed by the list of contents (without page number).
  • The cover and title pages will be send to students emails.

Extent of the SP

  • Seminar paper 10-15 pages
  • 10-15 pages without the title page, contents, list of bibliography used, list of abbreviations used, and appendixes.

Classification and number of attempts SP

  • Evaluation of SP from the lecturer VSEM is available within 30 days of submission and registration SP.
  • If SP does not meet the prescribed formal (administrative) requirements, the work is returned to the student remaking.
  • Students have three examination attempts.
  • After the unsuccessful completion of the third examination attempt (failed 4) is possible to apply for the rector's term.
  • Student must defend each SP within the defenses SP.

Content and progress of defenses SP

  • The defense SP is held by an expert committee.
  • Student presents the objectives, methods, basic results, which reached in resolving SP, not theory.
  • During the defense of SP student responds to comments from an expert commission to defended SP immediately after completing his part of the presentation.
  • The length of the oral defense should not exceed 5 minutes.
  • Student is actively involved throughout the entire block defenses SP, ie. participation in the defense of SP is mandatory at all times (until the announcement of the results).
  • Student dosn't present only the SP, but defends, ie., Must demonstrate knowledge of the subject in response to questions.

Classification and evaluation of defense SP

  • If a student fails to defend SP, SP is classified marked "failed - 4".
  • The classification reflects written part of the SP and presentation of the SP, which is an integral part of each classified SP.
  • Decision of expert committee is considered final and unchangeable.
  • SP classified as "unsatisfactory (4)" the student must revise according to comments and lecturer (content of the SP) and the expert committee (defending SP).