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Elite program VŠEM is a premium educational and training program that is aimed at the development of study-gifted individuals, who must be actively interested in their studies and their future professional application. These students may take advantage of specially designed lectures on attractive topics and also of mediation of a close co-operation with particular companies for selected working positions.

  • Students' educational and professional motivation should be employment in selected spheres and positions, respectively companies.

Who is it for?

Elite program VŠEM is intended for students with motivational, educational and specializational potential. They must be willing to develop this potential above their standard study obligations that will help them to be employed already during the course of their studies.

Study and practice

Individual students are given a chance to co-operate with a selected company whose business activities correspond with offered study programs. The aim is to arrange a working position in middle or higher management for gifted students of VŠEM after graduation.

  • Students have an oportunity to deepen their knowledge in a specific field, undergo a training of social and managerial skills, and become acquainted with the practice of successful international companies either in the Czech Republic or worldwide.
  • Every student has the use of professional mentoring by managers and experts, individual approach by academic staff and teachers, and they are in continuous contact with the organization, in which they will be employed after they graduate.
  • Involvement of lecturers from the business sphere is beneficial for students, because it gives them a chance to apply theoretical knowledge in real situations, which they will encounter in their professional practice.

Elite program scholarship (10.000 EUR/year)

The most successful students have a chance to obtain the Elite program VŠEM scholarship that is worth 10.000 EUR and it provides them with an opportunity to study at our partner Montreux Business University in Switzerland for 1 year.

  • What connects VŠEM and MBU is an interactive tuition as well as a close linkage between the study and practice. Together they prepare the student for a professional career at the international market.
  • Internationally acknowledged business education in a unique scenery of Swiss Riviera makes MBU to be an ideal place to gain experience in study abroad. MBU combines traditional business education with a holistic approach. Through the MBU study programs, students learn the basics of business and personal development, which will help them to enter the labour market.
  • Members of MBU are successful businessmen and professionals who can provide priceless mentoring and experience from practice. They can project their business exprerience into the lecture and help you to become leaders in business.

Application for Elite program VŠEM Scholarship

  • Application for Elite program VŠEM Scholarship can be submitted at the Information and Advisory Centre VŠEM. The application must be approved by Academic Council VŠEM (granting of the scholarship is not legally guaranteed).
  • During the 2nd round of admission process (interview), the student hands in an essay (600 words).
  • For more information on Elite program VŠEM scholarship please contact the Information and Advisory Centre VŠEM.