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The admission proceedings are aimed at discovering the applicant’s capabilities necessary for coping with challenging university studies as well as his/her motivation for studies, together with the applicant’s idea about further professional development. The aim of the VŠEM admission proceedings is to identify the applicant’s motivation to study.

  • Study programmes at VŠEM start three times per year (October, January, April). See Admission Dates for more information.
  • Applicants use E-application form, an electronic application form of the University of Economics and Management (VŠEM); the VŠEM E-application form is exempt from administration and registration fees.
  • The regular and extraordinary terms of admission procedure.
  • Identifying personality and motivation of the applicant.

The admission procedure is two-round, when the I. round is done electronically (on-line) through SIS VŠEM. Physical presence (of the applicant) is required at the II. round of AP, for verification of identity, attainment of educational, presentation of study programmes and study at VŠEM, and an oral interview. See How to Apply for more information on the admission proceedings.

  • I. round by electronic form (questionnaire, personality test, learning styles test).
  • II. round verification of educational attainment, presentation of study programmes and study, an oral interview.

Administrative terms and conditions for admission of applicants to individual VŠEM study programmes are stipulated by Act no. 111/1998 Coll., on Higher Education Institutions, as well as by Internal regulations of VŠEM.

In case of application for Doctoral study programme, applicants are asked to fill in Research proposal form, as it is integral part of application for doctoral studies.