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Requests and Enquiries (Terms, Conditions)

Requests and inquiries (applicants/students/graduates) under the administration of studies are sent through the student information system of VŠEM (SIS VŠEM) and by the relevant study forms at SIS VŠEM.

  • Request/inquiries must contain all the mandatory requirements within the Administration of studies. Incomplete or incorrectly requests/inquiries (which are sent), are automatically excluded from the registration SIS VŠEM
    for non-compliance within the internal regulations of VŠEM.
  • Within of communication (verbal, electronic, written), with the administrative or teaching institutions of VŠEM, the applicant/student/graduate complies an academic principles and decent (ethical) behavior.

Communication resources of VŠEM

  • Study forms of VŠEM (SIS VŠEM) serves as the main communication and information channel within the administration of the studies and lecturers (registered applicants to study/students/graduates). Any question, request, file is registered in the student card (SIS VŠEM).
  • Personal consultation (administration of studies) within the standard period of VŠEM, official that applications of applicant/students/graduates are only registered by written/electronic form within SIS VŠEM.
  • Phone Support of VŠEM mobile number, for applicants and students within the official time of the Study department, when through the telephone support are not accepted a requests by applicants/students.

Study forms (SIS VŠEM)

Term performance of standard applications of VŠEM are established by based on internal regulations VŠEM. By administrative and personal capacity by administration and educational institutes/departments of VŠEM (within 30 days from the date of registration of the student's/ application at SIS VŠEM.

  • The deadline for settlement of non-standard/individual applications is from the date of registration of the application, with the delivery of relevant documents.
  • Incomplete or incorrectly sented request is considered by failure to comply with the conditions laid down (by internal regulations of VŠEM), when the missing documents of applicant/student lead to eliminating  request from the register at SIS VŠEM.

Summary of requests/inquires


Study form

Mandatory data

The term of the request

Displacement of maturity tuition fees Request/inquiries The proper term to maturity, the maturity date of displacement, the reason for the request At least 14 days prior to the due date of maturity
Confirmation of the studies (electronically) Confirmation of the studies Year of study, academic year certificate, determined by / for -
Interruption of Studies Request/inquiries The term (from - to) the reason for the interruption To 1.7./1.12./1.3.
The Rector's term Request/inquiries The term and time of trial, justification for RZT No later than 14 days before the RZT
Sick day Request/inquiries The course, term of exam No later than 7 days after the exam
Scholarship Scholarships / Erasmus Dates (from - to) documents according to the type of scholarship According to the type of scholarship
Recognition the exams of VŠEM Recognition the course/exam of VŠEM Summary request for recognition of courses/exams (courses for recognition) Conditions according to the start date of studies
Recognition exams from another University/VOŠ Recognition of the course/exam Summary request for recognition of courses/exams, classification (evaluation) of courses, annotation of courses Conditions according to the start date of studies
Leaving of studies Request/inquiries The reason of the leaving of studies -
Shortening the period of studies/ISP Request/inquiries Proposal of curriculum for shortening the period of studies To 1.8.
Reintegration after interruption of studies Contact form The term of reintegration into the studies To 1.7./1.12./1.3.