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Individual Study Plan

A student may request an individual study plan (ISP) during the study, e.g. in cases when it is not possible to comply with the conditions for the study interruption or the acceptance of courses/tests from other universities (VŠ) with the option of shorter study period. The individual study plan enables to extend the study period by means of dividing individual study modules in more trimesters. A student applies for the individual study plan by means of SIS VŠEM/Studijní formulář and in case of compliance with all administration issues, the request is registered and submitted for approval.

A student sends the Proposal of individual study pla for approval for the respective academic year (ISP proposal is issued for the academic year/trimester), and the notification is sent to the student within 15 days from registering the complete application form and delivering all required documents, together with the adjusted study schedule for the given period.

Administrative Requirements of ISP (Materials to Be Supplied)

  • Reason for ISP
  • Time span (beginning - end)
  • ISP Proposal (the study modules to be completed in the given trimester/academic year)

Deadlines for Submitting the ISP Request

  • Applicants: 01/09, 01/01, 01/04, according to the starting date (October, January, April)
  • Student submit application for ISP till 1.6. (date of electronic enrollment)
  • Application for ISP within actual academic year is submitted by student by 1.6.

Individual Study Plan and Electronic Enrollment

Organizing the individual study plan (ISP) for the respective academic year is subject to the approval of the study department based on VŠEM administration conditions for assigning ISP providing the student sends an application at the latest before 1.6. (date of commencing EZ), by means of SIS VŠEM/Studijní formulář/Žádost/dotaz (Průběh a administrace studia).

A student uses electronic register SIS VŠEM/Student’s Schedule to specify the date of administration register (1.9. - 10.9.) and records in the schedule in trimesters for which he/she requires the ISP, potentially "Without direct tutition 1/2/3/4/5/6 “ providing no further tuition is passed.
The study department records the specific schedule for the respective academic year within ISP for the student.