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Read time: 1 min.Study programmes VŠEM

  • Programmes in English language (BBA/MSc./MBA) are not intended for students from the Czech Republic/Slovak Republic.
  • International degrees BBA and MSc. due to the international accreditation ACBSP.
  • Professional degree MBA for graduates of study programmes of VŠEM (Bc./BBA + Ing./MSc.).
  • Microdegrees VŠEM already during the study.
  • Try to study for free within online professional courses (MOOC).

Forms of study

  • Part-time study form I is realized by a 1-to-2-day educational weekend sessions, up to 3 times per trimester.
  • Part-time study form II is realized by intensive educational blocks lasting 4-5 working days, once per trimester.
  • Full-time study form is realized by 2-to-3-day educational sessions during working days, 4-5 times per trimester.
  • Distance study form is realized online by means of eApplications VŠEM (Video-learning, Video-consultations, Video-seminars and Study Materials VŠEM). The frequency of tuition and consultation is defined by a student's preferences. Distance form of study is accredited only by the international accreditation (ACBSP) and the graduate acquires BBA or MSc. degree.