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VŠEM Internal Rules

The management as well as the bodies of VŠEM, educational and administrative departments, research centres and members of the academia (students, employees) follow internal regulations of VŠEM in the course of their activities and actions of the internal regulations VŠEM (Study and Examination Regulations, Statutes, Regulation rector Operational Rules and Guidelines) and the higher Education Act no. 111/1998 Coll.

Administration and organization

  • Administrative Credit System - regulates the conditions of repeated administrative indiscipline of students and assesses complience with VŠEM internal rules
  • Disciplinary Code of VŠEM - regulates the procedure for consideration of disciplinary offenses and penalties for VŠEM students
  • Attendance and registration System - sets rules and regulates the conditions for recording attendance of students in classes and examinations
  • Rules of Procedures of the VŠEM Students’ Council - regulates the composition of the student council, the procedure for its meetings, proceedings and votes
  • Collection of the decrees of the rector - modifies and supplements the internal regulations of VŠEM (study administration, assessment of studies, organization of studies, study-related fees).
  • Order of the Administrative Commission - regulates the procedure for hearing appeals of administrative decisions of Student department
  • Rules Concerning Selection Procedure at VŠEM - regulates the procedure for the recruitment of academic staff
  • Scholarship Rules of VŠEM - regulates the types of scholarships awarded by VŠEM, the conditions of their admission and method of payment

Operating and safety regulations

  • Operating procedure of VŠEM's computer lab - regulates the conditions and rules of use of the service area computer lab / classrooms VŠEM
  • Operating procedure of storage space VŠEM - regulates the conditions of use / utilization of storage space during classes and exams
  • Operating procedure of VŠEM's gym - regulates terms of use and conditions of gym
  • Operating procedure of VŠEM's student club - regulates terms of use for student club
  • Files and Documents destruction regulations - regulates the guidelines for the filing service (archieving, shredding)
  • Library regulations - regulates the conditions and use of the library fund
  • Principles of health and safety and fire protection - regulate the condition for health and safety at work and fire protection in case of emergency