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Learning a Foreign Language

Students are obligated to study at least one subject in foreign language English/German. Study outcomes are divided into three basic categories (BBA/MSc./Ph.D.)

  • The choice of obligatory foreign language (English, German language) is performed by student with logging on electronic exam terms (EET).
  • During the EET can pass the exam from one outpul level.
  • For the conclusion of the study is necesarry to have the classification of all selected study subjects at the range 1 - 3, for the foreign language, regardless of the chosen level.
  • Number of attempts is given by standard terms, during the control of studies.

Levels of Foreign Language

  • Level BBA - complies to level „intermediate“ and is compulsory for all students of bachelor‘s study programmes (Bc.) and professional master’s study programme MBA.
  • Level MSc./Ph.D. - is compulsory for the students of the master’s study programs (MSc.)

Recognition of Exams in a Foreign Language

At first, student has to send a request with accredited exam certificate. Then it is possible to recognise the object of study of a foreign language (conditions SERR), via Recognition of courses/exams.

Conversational classes

Conversational classes from the foreign language (English) are implement once - twice a week, on the topic of social sciences (economics, political science, international relations, management, marketing), and actual events at the world and Czech Republic.

Input tests

Students of the full-time and part-time form of studies must during the first year pass the classification exam from English/German language to establish the level of his/her entry skills.

  • The students pass the classification testes within the specified electronic exam terms (EET).
  • The exam result is only for information purposes and it is the student’s sole decision to take the proposed recommendation into account.

Classification Exam from Foreign Language


English language BBA

German language BBA

0 - 30 additional extra course "beginner"
31 - 70 additional extra course BBA
71 - 100 preparation for exam at level BBA

English language MSc.

German language MSc.

0 - 30 additional extra course BBA
31 - 70 additional extra course MSc.
71 - 100 reparation for exam at level MSc.