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Projects VŠEM

Economic Papers VŠEM

Economic Papers VŠEM are electronically distributed reviewed scientific journal whose aim is to bring articles and analytical study of economic theory, economic policy, business economics, management, marketing, human resources and regional and social development. Economic Papers are historically linked to earlier Bulletins, which were issued since 2002 by CES VŠEM. Magazine publishes original papers in Czech and also in English language.

Innovations VŠEM

Innovation creates IMPACT = a change connected with the economic and social value - for business, for society, for people, for politics. Innovation with the greatest impact takes a place at the intersections between economic and social spheres, between technology and society, between profit and non-profit sector and the government, between developed and developing countries.

Internal Grants VŠEM (IG VŠEM)

Internal grants VŠEM (IG VŠEM) is the scientific research project of the University of Economics and Management, involving lecturers and academics VŠEM. The aim of internal projects is the development of science and research, together with the presentation of outputs and results of the implementation of teaching. Grants and support should create at VŠEM creative and innovative environment conducive to the current and modern system of education.