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Due to the national (MŠMT) and international (ACBSP) accreditation all graduates of VŠEM acquire both Czech and foreign degree!

Interactive learning applications VŠEM (Videolearning, Audiolearning, Videoforum, eBooks...) designed with the respect to our students' needs.

Graduates of both Bachelor's (Bc./BBA) and Master's (Ing./MSc.) program VŠEM may attend MBA professional course for free!

Literature written by specialists and lecturers of VŠEM in printed or electronic edition for free.

Choose lectures either on working days, weekends, online or only 3 times a year!

Modern way of education with emphasis on practical application of theoretical knowledge, cooperation with companies already during the study.

Students of VŠEM can prove their gained knowledge already during their studies - Microdiplomas VŠEM.

Campus VŠEM - rented accomodation in apartments, multifunctional educational and study space, library, gym, canteen, outside classrooms and sports field!

Information and Advisory Centre VŠEM available to students or applicants 7 days per week.

Scholarship VŠEM for veterans, handicapped people, single parents, NGO employers, athletes, or for extraordinary study results or social activities.