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Transfer from other university

Transfers or recognition of courses/exams from other universities and colleges are governed by internal regulations of VŠEM (Study and exam regulations VŠEM, Statute VŠEM, Directives of Rector).

  • For the recognition of the subject, there is crucial the consensus in the content in annotation of the accredited subject.
  • The basic administrative condition for the recognition and subsequent enlisting of courses/exams is completion of admission proceedings VŠEM, ei. status "student".
  • Registered Applicants may request a preliminary observations on the possibility of recognition of completed exams and send subsequent application for recognition of courses/exams through SIS VSEM / Study Form/Application.
  • Recognised courses/exams are recorded in VSEM SIS/E-index within 30 days of the completion of the Administration registration.
  • The decision on the recognition / non-recognition of the subject is final and there is no possibility of appeal.

Administrative formalities and documents

Student indicates in the application form, which study subject at VŠEM he wants to be recognized, based on the completed subjects from different institution,  name of the institution and graduation year (deadline for processing applications for recognition of the courses is 30 days of the request, ei. delivery of all necessary documents).

  • The application shall include documentation for the appropriate recognition of the subject/s.
  • Annotation of completed subject (content and scope of the course, number of ECTS, overview of the study literature).
  • Confirmation of the Grading from the study department of university / college, where it was taken.
  • Name of the teacher (examiner).
  • Summary request for recognition of subjects / exams (Annex DOCX format).
  • Failure to provide documentation is considered as non-compliance of necessary conditions.
  • In case the applicant will not start studies at VŠEM, recognition of courses is charged by 5.000 CZK according to Administrative tariff VŠEM.

Conditions for recognition of courses / exams from other instituions

  • Evaluation date of the course / exam must not be older than 10 years from the date of request.
  • Expert level of output knowledge (grade 1-3) of the given university / college, where the subject was completed.
  • For the recognition of two or more completed / classified subjects, summary request shall be sent through SIS VSEM/Study Form/Acknowledgement of a course/exam.
  • If the student passes the exam at VŠEM unsuccessfuly (grade 4), it is not possible to apply for the recognition of that exam.
  • Credits, seminar papers, final theses and final exams are not recognized.

Conditions for recognizing subjects / exams / seminar papers from VŠEM

  • Applicants / students applying for recognition of completed / classified study subjects / SP from previous studies at VŠEM in the same study program (BSc. / Ing./ Ph.D.) have to send a request for recognition of subjects / exams / SP through SIS VSEM/Study Form/Acknowledgement of a course/exams/exams VSEM
  • The recognition of SP may be requested if the SP was defended by an expert committee (presentation of SP) and classified 1-3 (number of ECTS must be consistent with the current structure of studies, see Structure of Studies / Seminar block).
  • Credits, final theses and final exams are not recognized.

Foreign languages

Recognition of mandatory testing of optional foreign language (English / German) based on certificates, state exams etc. depends on the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) of the Council of Europe.