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Electronic Enrollment

Administrative enrolment (AE) is an administrative operation carried out by a candidate/student whose presence confirms his/her interest in starting his/her studies, and who receives documents for a given academic year or for a given tuition period.

  • Terms and conditions of enrollment for the academic year are set by the Rector.
  • Within the administrative enrollment is electronic enrollment, it means creating/confirmation of the schedule for the academic year.
  • Students can take advantage of an earlier electronic enrollment of missing subjects. Student with later electronic entry exposes a lack of spare capacity for the missing study modules, via Guidelines for EA for the academic year (Bc./Ing./MBA).
  • Deadline of registration shall be given first teaching focus in the academic year, via Introduction to the study.
  • Student enrollment for the academic year (or part of year) is realized in the form of consent (signature), with a statement of the student for the academic year, as part of an electronic enrollment.

Enrollment to the first year (Candidates)

Enrollment to the first year is mandatory for all candidates, who fulfill the conditions admission requirements and want to study at VSEM in the term (October, January, April).

  • Term/date of entry into the first year of study is determined according to the date of commencement of studies of the applicant (Introduction to the Study) and includes registration and issuance of student´s documents, handover matriculation lists within the matriculation ceremony.
  • Introduction to the Study familiar with the conditions and administrative formalities of study at VSEM (teaching and examination workshops, teaching schedule, the method and conditions control studies (tests, written work students), student information system, internal regulations, the entry on-line tests).
  • To check a candidate's identity is required at registration valid identity document (identity card, passport), when failing to record or part thereof, is deemed fulfillment of the conditions to start to study at VSEM.
  • The practicant (the applicant of study) can complete a registration (enrollment) to the first year of the date of replacement or extraordinary term (pursuant sent a reguests - SIS VŠEM/ Studijní formulář/Žádost/dotaz).

Electronic enrollment

Electronic enrollment (EE) is implemented through administrative action SIS VSEM, when the candidate / student confirms the beginning of study in the academic year (schedule of educational camps for the teaching period, via Student timetable).

  • Student may complete a partial exams, exams, final exams and graded seminar work only from the study subjects, which is registered by the electronic enrollment, within a study modul in the academic year.
  • Within EE must follow a logical sequence of courses (study links by structure and schedule of studies), the subjects of specialization is not complete before the subjects of basic and professional module.
  • The standard period of study is possible to record a specialized module/block (Field of specialization).
  • Conditions for implementation of EE are paid all tuition fees and repayment tuition fees, administrative fees for tuition, according to the schedule of payments and due dates.

Electronic enrollment to the first year (Candidates)

Electronic enrollment to the first year for candidates performs the study department, based on the results of the admission procedure (notification of compliance) and after the payment of fees (tuition) or part (distribution of payments).

  • Professional (content) continuity of courses, does not allow creation of individual teaching schedule/schedule.

Electronic enrollment for the academic year/trimester (students)

Electronic enrollment to the next academic year or in part is mandatory for all students, who at the time of EE (07.01 - 08.31) not concluded of study (classified partial exams, assessments and seminar work).

  • Electronic enrollment - Student confirms/sets teaching schedule concentration (schedule), with possibility of drawing the structure and timing of the study according to their own time preferences.
  • Students Master's programs (Ing./MBA) confirm the fixed schedule of educational focus/schedule for the academic year. Professional and the continuity of the study subjects not creating individual teaching timetable/schedule.
  • Students, who did not EE, is registered by the Study Department VSEM on the basis of free capacity of individual study groups/objects, regardless of the time preference and learning needs of the student. 
  • Student, who will not to do enrollment in good time, so runs the risk, that the capacity of the required study module or terms of teaching will be exhausted.The study may be extended beyond the standard period of study, for example, the obligation to prepare individual learning plan.

Electronic enrollment (shortening of study/indiviual study plan)

Shortening of study/individual study plan (treatment schedule based on recognition exams) for the academic year, subject to approval by the study deparment. The request must be sent by the student, to a specific date (1.8.) through SIS VŠEM/Study form/Request/inquiry.

  • Within EE students through the SIS VŠEM/Schedule of student writes to schedule "ISP 1 - 6" in the trimester, where he asks to shorten of study/ISP, or without direct instruction 1- 6 , if he does not attend any classes.
  • Specific teaching schedule/schedule for the academic year, within shortening of study/ISP, is for the student written by study department.