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Control of Studies (Exams/Written/Final Theses)

Control of studies covers standard forms of studies (assignments, exams, seminar papers, final exams and defense of bachelor / master theses) and specific forms of studies within self – study (textbooks, sample exam tests, WebForum, VideoForum, Videolearning).

  • 100% attendance in educational sessions (lectures and exercises) brings to student up to 20 plus points added to the final exam evaluation (prerequisite is to pass the test with classification 51 points and more), for more information please see Attendance and Registration System (ARS).

Examination period

Exams are carried out within the relevant examination period VŠEM during the academic year (12 months), when the student has the possibility of individual exam schedule preparing (IES) on the basis of pre-scheduled exam dates listed in the IS VŠEM and student´s individual preferences. The actual examination period is set in time within the academic year and selected price level.

Forms of completion

The subject is completed by examination (EX) or credit (CR), seminar block is completed by individual written outcomes f.e. seminar paper (SP) and its defense. Program or field is completed by relevant finals exams (FEX) and the defense of the Bachelor/Master's thesis (BT/MT). Each study program and form of study has determined the conditions of studies supervision and monitoring, which are provided in detail in the annotation of the relevant degree programs or fields.

Input and Output Questionnaire

Input and Output questionnaire fulfillment is required. Survey results are used to improve the general university performance and to determine the general knowledge gained during studies. The results does not affect graduation or studies.

  • Input questionnaire (qualification basis, general knowledge, foreign language - English/German), should be completed by the end of the first trimester.
  • Output questionnaire (qualification basis, general knowledge), should be completed before graduation.
  • Input/Output questionnaire is possible within the listed Electronic exam dates (EZT).