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Instructions VŠEM (Enrollment, Tutorial, Exams, Academic Writings)

Instructions VŠEM - Administration Guide

This comprehensive guide helps students with administration issues related to studies. Instructions describe all procedures that may occur during studies - from the submission of the application form to the thesis defense. This guide should be used as a tool to assist in decision-making process.

  • Instructions are based on FAQ of applicants and students. 

Information provided focuses on how to handle given situation, what to pay attention to and how to avoid threats.

  • Information appearing in the pages of this site is not intended to substitute Internal Regulations or Standard Processes of Studies Administration.

General administrative procedures are available on following websites: Admission, Studies at VŠEM, Research VŠEM, About VŠEM, VŠEM Internal Regulations (VŠEM Statute, Study and Examination regulations, Rector´s Regulations).

  • Internal regulations are covering standard and routine situations during university studies, which may be addressed, if necessary, in the regulation of the Rector´s Regulations, the relevant Internal Regulation or individually.