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Studies at VŠEM

We offer university studies in the Bachelor (Bc./BBA), Master (Ing./MSc./MBA) or professional courses within the Lifelong Learning Programme (LLP). The content and form of tuition are suited to the needs of students and the demands of current or future employers.

  • Offer of more than 60 study subjects with focus on human resources, finance, taxes, marketing, advertisement, economics, law, management, international relations
  • Full-time, part-time and distance form of study in both czech and english language
  • Possibility to study for free via online vocational courses (MOOC)

Accreditation of programmes at the national level (Ministry of Education) and international organization (ACBSP). Cooperation with foreign institutions in the preparation and implementation of study programmes and research projects.

  • Interactive tuitional and examination application (videolearning, on-line videoforum, e-learning for teaching and learning texts).
  • Lecture series Guest VSEM for involvement of practitioners in tuition and practical applications.
  • The foreign partner universities under the Erasmus program.

Striving for maximum applicability of theoretical knowledge in tuition through exercises, case studies and individual work, with an emphasis on developing students' skills and abilities in communication, presentation, argumentation, analysis, negotiation and teamwork.