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Programme Documents

Programme documents and the basic information concerning activities of VŠEM in the area of education and research publishing activities, awarded accreditations, administrative requirements of studies, overview of annual reports, long-term plans of VŠEM.

Activities and study programmes VŠEM

VŠEM, as an independent and free higher education institution, realizes educational programmes on an internationally competitive level and pursues systematic quality improvements of human resources by supporting the development of educational programmes in the area of business economics and human resources. VŠEM offers education on the basis of comprehensive and long-term study programmes offered in part-time / full-time study mode, as an alternative to the public system of education.

Concept of education at VŠEM

VŠEM develops the concept of study plans and teaching methods in line with the changing social needs and requirements reflecting the individual attitudes and needs of students. The study programmes of VŠEM reflect the current trends and needs of the changing society, with the objective of preparing the graduates to succeed in the increasingly competitive environment of the integrated and globalized world.

Realization of education

VŠEM offers its study programmes in cooperation with several foreign universities and colleges, creating thus an interactive and international atmosphere at the school. As a result, our graduates are individuals with global and multicultural insight, capable of initiating, implementing, and driving changes in their personal, professional, and social life.


National accreditation (Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports)

Act No. 168/2018b Sb. (Amendment to The Higher Education Act) prolonged the validity of granted accreditations to the current study programmes until Dec. 31st, 2024.

ACBSP accreditation

Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP) is one of the highest-quality and most-valuable global accreditation organisations. ACBSP provides specialized accreditations in the field of business on all levels of academic studies (bachelor, master, or doctoral degree).

  • Opportunity to obtain 2 degrees within one completed study programme (Bc./BBA, Ing./MSc.).
  • All of the offered study programmes of VŠEM are accredited by Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports and ACBSP.
  • Quality Assurance Report on fulfilling quality indicators, attained results, and projects targeted at improvement of study quality is made every other year.