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How to apply

Overview of administrative tasks for applicants for studies at VŠEM from submitting the E-application till the completion of the Administrative enrollment to the first year of studies.

Submitting the E-application

  • Fill in E-application (integral part of every application are copies of documents stated below) for the appropriate study programme and form. All materials/documents/attachments must be submitted no later than on the day of the admission proceedings depending on the starting date.
  • Programmes in English language (BBA/MSc./MBA/DBA) are not intended for students from the Czech Republic/Slovak Republic.
  • E-application form is sent and the required materials are submitted via Contact form.
  • Pay an administrative fee for E-application according to the payment instructions.

Administrative fee

  • Administrative fee for submitting and registration of E-application is 100 EUR (refundable, in case of starting the studies at VŠEM).
  • Payments can be made via International bank wire transfer.
  • Once the transfer is made, please send a payment confirmation via Contact form to speed up the processing of your payment.

Required documents

  • Copy of high school leaving certificate (for BBA programme)
  • Copy of bachelor or master diploma and its supplement (for MSc. and MBA)
  • Passport-sized photo of an applicant (45x35 mm, jpeg format)
  • Copy of passport (only Non-EU applicants)

Registration of E-application

  • Information and Advisory Centre will verify the submitted documents, as well as the e-application and contacts the applicant with further instructions within 7 days.
  • If a positive decision is made, the applicant will receive an invitation to an interview.
  • For non-EU students, the interviews are realized online via a Skype call.
  • If the result of an interview is positive, the applicant will receive an invoice for the tuition fees and confirmation about acceptance.