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Attandance and Registration System

Attendance Registration System (ARS) is used to for a registration/register attendance of students at the learning and examamination tutorials in the SIS VSEM. Terms of use ARS are governed by the internal regulations by VSEM (the rules of attendance and registration system, and examination regulations VSEM).

Input, attendance, registration and other terminals

Student uses for attendance the registration terminals in buildings of VSEM by placing a valid student ID VSEM for specified purposes (enter to the building or its parts, learning and examination tutorials, elevator operator).

  • Entrance to the building VSEM (labeled "Door Control").
  • Registration of attendance (designation "attendance system of VSEM, place of registration here") pursuant to a registered student schedule (needs register arrival and departure).
  • Activate the elevator (1st floor - 4th floor) at the specified time (Mon - Sun: 8-17 hrs.).
  • Registration for the exam date (EZT, EZP, EZZK) in room 404 (need to register arrival and departure)
  • Enter to the study room/library of VSEM, gym of VSEM at set times (Mon - Sun: 8-17 hrs.).

Registration of attendance

Attendance at the tutorials is in the form of student ID when it is necessary to attach to any registration card terminal which is located at the entrance of the building and wait for sound and light signal.

  • For a student is not mandatory participating at tutorials (student is not obliged to register their participation at tutorials, or presence in the building).
  • In cases it can cause direct impact on the classification based on attendance at tutorials of study subject (in this case, the student is required to register their participation).
  • Successful registration of arrival/departure is announced by light and sound signal (green light signal, a continuous tone).
  • The error registration, the student is informed through light and sound signal (red light signal X, shortly intermittent tone).

Influence of attendance at classification of exams

100% participation in tutorials (lectures, seminars) means, that student can get +20 points to the final scores of exam (for a given study courses). Condition for adding points to the exams is the classification of "well - 3", at least 51 points).

  • The points are added only if, when the result of exam (EZT) will more then 51 points = classification well, the lowest possible level. At evaluation "failed - 4" student has not a claim for adding +20 points (at 100% participation in tutorials).
  • To the evidance of attendance in SIS VSEM/Attendance of student is only counted a regular terms of tutorials (letures and seminars, not consultation), by current schedule of the student.
  • Registered attendance in SIS VSEM is always appear the day after the actual registration.
  • +20 points are crediting for exams in E-index  automatically after the realization last tuition and last exam, without intervention of Study department and after finishing schedule of the student.
  • Attendance of the student (at fulfillment of conditions) is counting to the final classification of the exams. It´s the reason, why is unauthorized manipulation considered for gross violation of the Internal Regulations of VSEM with a proposal for exclusion from the study.

Adding attendance in SIS VSEM

Because of the "closeness" ARS is not possible to add back the student attendance at classes, unless a registration or the registration was not successful. The most common mistakes students identified from CCTV:

  • Applying more student´s cards to one terminal (usually at higher incoming/outgoing group of students).
  • Terminals at the front door is only using for opening doors (as a terminals in the elevator). It is not a place for registration of attendance.
  • Late or earlier registration, even in a matter of seconds/minutes (arrival / departure).
  • If the student rather repeatedly confirm their arrival at school, then he will also logout.
  • Early termination of tutorials by lector, than it is listed in the SIS/Student Schedule (SD does not have permissions listed in the SIS change).