Instructions for Tuition

Academic year at VŠEM is divided into 3 trimesters (September, January, April). Tuition is carried out in a form of lectures, seminars, consultations and practical lessons.


  • Frequency of tuition depends on the form of study. Study programmes are held in full-time or part-time form and varies in schedule and frequency of tuition.
  • Student´s personal attendance at direct tuition is recommended as there is introduction into the subject (goals, study literature, etc.). Examples are practised during practicle lessons.
  • A prerequisite for the successful completion of the course is so called self-study, during which the student uses all available information sources (works with recommended literature, textbooks within the E-learning and communicates with lecturers via WebForum).
  • For 100% attendance in lectures and seminars, students are rewarded with 20 bonus points, which are added to the evaluation of student´s exam. Applicable only if the student receives at least 51 points.
  • Attendance at lectures is recommended, but not mandatory.

Tuition days depending on the form of study

Tuition terms are part of student's schedule for the academic year or within Calendar of tuition and exams (schedule of tuition and all examination activities at VŠEM)

Full-time form of study

  • Tuition in bachelor study programmes takes place only within working days (Monday to Friday), in the form of two-to four-day tuition blocks. The length of tuition depends on study subject (4 - 6 hours). Tuition is composed of lectures and consultations.
  • Tuition blocks of Master's programmes differ only in the lenght of tuition, that takes the form of two-day or three-day blocks.

Part-time form of study

  • Tuition in master study programme and the MBA takes place only within non-working days, (Saturday or Sunday). There is two-to-three weeks gap between tuition.
  • Tuition of Master's programme is realised in two-days blocks and are hold on weekends (Saturday - Sunday). The gap between tuition blocks is three weeks. Terms of seminar blocks are individual and depend on agreement with the guarantor of the study subject.

Distance form of study

  • Distance form of study allows students to study according to their time options and needs, demands of each course is determined by the number of credits.
  • All instructions are provided in electronic form (Videolearning VŠEM) and video tutorials (VideoForum VŠEM), which are regularly announcing the schedule of distance student. Student can participate on Video-consultations without a physical presence anywhere with internet access.
  • In the case of interest is also a student the opportunity to attend at all full time or part time courses.
  • Exams are realized at school in standard exam dates (different from full-time and combined studies).

Repetition of tuition

  • Student has an opportunity for repetition of tuition of particular study subject, modules or the whole year
  • Student can repeat tuition of chosen subject as long as he/she is not blockade capacity for student, who has given subject enrolled in actual schedule.
  • Conditions and requests for repetition of tuition are available on websites Administration of Study / Repetition of study

Consultations with lecturers

  • Students can, as part of preparation for an exam or seminar paper, consult with a lecturer.
  • Consultations are individual and are generally carried out after school or through the VideoForum VŠEM.
  • Consultation is also possible within the terms offered by individual departments, see Educational departments
  • It´s also possible to contact the lecturer via SIS VŠEM/Study forms/Contact the lecturer.
  • When communicating (personal / correspondence) with academic staff, students should use a highest achieved academic degree of the lecturer (Ing., Mgr., Dr., Doc., Prof. etc.) or an academic position (rector, vice-rector) ie. not only surnames.