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Interruption of Studies (Conditions, Terms, Administration)

A student can, in the course of his/her studies, ask for interruption of studies (IS), for example when he/she is unable to meet the requirements for being granted an individual study plan (ISP), see terms and conditions of Study and Examination Regulations of VŠEM (SER VŠEM, Article 9) and of the Higher Education Act.

The conditions interruption of studies

A student sends a requrest for interruption of the studies through SIS VŠEM/Study forms. The request for interruption of studies must include the reason for interruption of studies and the period of interruption.

  • The studies can be interrupted for three trimesters at least, that is for a period of one academic year with the standard form. Shorter time than 1 year is addressed within individual study plan.
  • Interruption of studies outside the established deadlines is a charged administrative service of VŠEM. The application is subject to the approval of the Administrative Commission of VŠEM.
  • The applicant must apply for reinstatement to studies through Contact form and perform administrative registration within the deadline term.
  • After the interruption of the studies, a student enrolls in the trimester following the last one, that has been completed properly.
  • Conditions within the control of study, content of courses (annotation, administration and structure of studies are always given by period (academic year), to which the student has performed re-reintegration into studies).
  • Interruption of the studies is not included in the standard/maximum length of the studies, as the standard/maximum length of the studies for a student to conclude his/her studies is extended by the period of the interruption.
  • Student always has the right to interrupt his/her studies in connection with pregnancy, childbirth and parenting (during the whole period of recognized parenting time according to § 54 Act no 48/2013 about University.
  • The condition for the approval of the request about interrupiton of studies is to pay all financial obligations in the current academic year, when entry is made.

Administrative Requisites of Request

During the interruption of studies, the applicant is not a student according to the Higher Education Act, he/she is not entitled to attend the courses and exams and fulfill the terms of studies.

  • Reason for interruption of the studies and time span of IS (interval of IS: from – to).
  • Return/delivery of the student’s card to the VŠEM Information and Advisory Centre (at the beginning of the interrupted trimester).
  • According to Act No. 326/99 Coll., § 107, paragraph 5, interruption/leaving of the studies concerning those students, who have other than Czech nationality, is reported by the college to the Foreign Police authorities.
  • A student submits the request for his/her interruption of studies through SIS VŠEM/Study Forms/Requests/Questions (the specified date before the end of the trimester that precedes the start of the intended interruption of his/her studies. September to 1.7., January to 1.12., April to 1.3.)
  • The request for re-inclusion in the studies is submitted by an applicant through Contact form (an applicant has no access to SIS VŠEM during the interruption of his/her studies) for a specified date before the start of the relevant trimester (September to 1.7., January to 1.12., April to 1.3.).