About VŠEM

We realize study programs in economic and social areas for nearly 2,500 students since 1996.
  • Human Resources, Finance, Marketing, Advertising, Economics, Economic Policy, Law, Management, International Relations, Business and Organizational Culture, Psychology, Sociology, Public Administration etc.
  • More than 100 study subjects with opportunities for individualization of studies and exams.
  • Full-time and part-time studies in Czech and English language.

Study programmes are accredited in national (Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports) and international level (ACBSP). Students have the opportunity to educate themselves on more than 40 partner universities abroad, thanks to the international cooperation.

  • Interactive teaching and examination applications (videolearning, online videoforum, educational texts in electronic form, electronic knowledge testing).
  • Project Personality VŠEM and Practical Applications for the involvement of practitioners in teaching.
  • Massive open on-line courses (MOOC) and on-line professional courses within lifelong learning programme.

Application of knowledge and its practical applicability in the form of exercises and individual work. Development of the skills and abilities of students in communication, presentation, argumentation, analysis, negotiation and teamwork.

  • Talented and disadvantaged students can study thanks to the scholarship programs VŠEM up to 100% of tuition fees.
  • Support for the non-profit sector in the context of social responsibility and adherence to the Code of Ethics.
  • The research carried out through the Center for Economic Studies and the Centre for Innovation Studies.
  • The aim of VŠEM in Africa project is to help providing children an access to quality education (Ethiopia).