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Tuition Fees

The tuition fee is guaranteed throughout the standard period (continuous) of studies. The student pays the tuition fees for each started academic year.

Tuition fees for programmes taught in English

STUDY PROGRAM (BBA/ MSc./ MBA/ Ph.D.)EU citizensNon-EU citizens
Distance form of studies  EUR 4 000 / year EUR 5 000 / year
Part-time form of studies  EUR 4 000 / year EUR 5 000 / year
Full-time form of studies  EUR 5 000 / year EUR 6 000 / year
Extension of studies for one trimester        EUR 1 500 / trimester

Content of price levels

Examination and Administrative period
(study assesment: ZP, ZK, ZZK, SP, BP/DP, inquiries/applications)
(12 months: September - August)
Basic and study literature (electronic database of specialized texts, eTexts VŠEM)
VideoLearning, eBooks, eTexts, VideoForum, Library of Academy of Sciences
Individual study plan (shortening/extending of studies)

Graduates VŠEM (MBA/ diploma BEM/MEM)

  • Graduates of Bachelor (Bc.) and Master (MSc.) study program at VŠEM in full-time or part-time form of study (P / K), are after fulfilment of conditions (Regulation of Rector VŠEM) eligible to bestowal of a professional degree Master of Business Administration (MBA).
  • Issuing the Diploma Bachelor of Business Administration/Master of Science (BBA/MSc.) for graduates of bachelor/master study programme VŠEM (international accreditation ACBSP).