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Administration of Studies

The study administration describes the standard administrative requirements valid for the given study programmes and study modes

Attendance registration system Attendance and Registration System (ARS) is used to register/register attendance of students in learning and test for the print concentrated in the SIS VSEM. Terms of use ARS are governed by the internal regulations by VSEM (Rules of attendance and registration system, Grading of VSEM).

Students dining and housing an overview of dining and housing options in a various places in Prague (an overview of Universities Physical Education and Sport, Technical University, University of Economics / way of payment, opening hours, price of meals).

Classes and examination period divided within the academic year (trimesters), training camp (part-time / full-form), the exam term (EET, OET, RET, FE, PET), a form of examination test examination period (ZO I, ZO II, ZO III, ZO IV).

Conditions of students and graduates transfer the general conditions of transfer students in the all forms of study (full-time, part-time) and VSEM graduates of bachelor's degree programs (Bachelor) at the Master's degree programs (Ing. / MBA), VSEM graduates benefits (financial conditions, shortening the study period within individual study plan, the graduate program).

Glossary VSEM glossary of terms is used for basic orientation of the applicant/ student at the University and within administration of the studies at Univetsity of Economics and Management. 

Diploma Supplement (DS) history, characteristics and principles of the Diploma Supplement, the benefits of issuing the Diploma Supplement by the end of studies, a diploma supplement in addition to the basic documents of academic qualification.

Electronic Enrollment (EE) the conditions and terms of electronic registration for the 1st year of study (study applicants within the commencement of the study period October / January / April), for 2nd – 3rd year of studies (students enrolled by EE 1.6 - 10.6.), the individual term of electronic registration.

Extension of the period of studies In the case of exceeding the standard length of studies, the student can extend (repeatedly) his period of study, until the proper completion of the particular degree program, within tolled extension of the period of study regardless on the number of missing classified outcomes needed during the study check (ZP, ZK, SP, BP, DP).

End of studies and graduation guidelines for closure and completion of studies, standard and maximum duration of studies, exceeding the standard duration for the studies closure (additional term), the final module, the content of the bachelor / diploma seminars / exam workshops, exceeding the standard duration of studies completion.

Extraordinary terms and services (ETS) are charged administrative tasks beyond the standard terms included in the VSEM internal regulations, based on the approved application of the applicant / student and payment of the administrative fee. After payment, is to the applicant / student given a special term / task.

Form and course of study of study curricula according to the forms distribution (part-time, full-time) Part-time Studies (K1/K2), full-time study (P1/P2), training days, training camps, teaching schedule.

Individual Study Plan (ISP) individual study plan conditions (the student's request), options and variants (shortening the period of study / extension of studies), data and documents for the grant of an individual study plan (due to the appointment of the Study and Examination Rules VSEM).

Interruption of studies conditions of interruption of studies (the student's request), the minimum duration of study (trimester), the maximum duration of study (12 months), the terms for interruption of studies (follows the completion of the study module), options and variants (shortening the study period / extension of studies), data and documents for the grant of studies interruption (VSEM appointment of the SZŘ VSEM).

Learning a foreign language conditions for compulsory foreign language at VSEM (English/German), a form of teaching a foreign language (part-time/ full-time), the requirements on the knowledge  outputs (A0/N0, A1/N1, A2/N2), conditions, form, course and completion of foreign language, teaching plans , study literature, optionally selectable languages (French, Russian, Spanish, Italian).

Place of classes and exams location of the lecturing halls and offices of VSEM (VSEM Rector’s office, administrative and educational departments, location of classes and exams (number of classrooms and their capacity), sports facilities (conditions of use, location).

Repeating Classes or Part of studies repeating provides administrative conditions for the possibility / obligation of the student to repeat the study or teaching of the course, study module or the entire year of the study program and study form.

Requests and inquiries Requests and inquiries (applicants/students/graduates) under the administration of studies are sent through a student information system of VŠEM (SIS VŠEM) and by the relevant study forms at SIS VŠEM.

Social and health insurance administrative conditions and requirements for registration of social and health insurance for the university students in full-time and part-time forms of study.

Study Abroad conditions (minimum and maximum duration of stay, qualification requirements, administrative requirements, tender conditions, program financial security, scholarships, recognition of VSEM study periods), offer of a study abroad programs (Erasmus / Europe, the EEA / Norwegian U.S.A. , Australia, Canada).

Study assessment sets out the general conditions for the screening of student's knowledge output for individual study programs (examinations, seminar papers, presentations, credits, case studies, applications, etc.) and the rules at the end of courses, seminars, study modules and seminar blocks.

Subject authorization administrative terms and conditions for Subject authorization / exam completed at other universities / colleges for undergraduate and graduate study programs implemented at VSEM, applicants documentation (course annotation, a certificate of examination, review of the literature to study the subject).

System of credits VSEM/ ECTS administrative conditions and credit system application, outputs evaluation system (exams, essay, credits, thesis), international standard grading scale ECTS.

VSEM ID cards administrative conditions and requirements for issuing VSEM student ID cards (VSEM ID card/photo, VSEM ISIC card/photo/application/P1/P2, CERGE-EI library/application), verification of the student’s identity (classes and examination, administration of studies/student’s enrolment/collection of materials), lost cards (terms and conditions for issuing duplicates).