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Social and Health Insurance of Students

Conditions for social and health insurance for college students at full-time, part-time form are determined by czech law and internal regulations of VŠEM (University under the laws have not the reporting obligation within social and health insurance).

Student's Obligation to Notify

Students with full-time, part-time form of studies are required by czech laws to report themselves acts, which have a effect to a payment insurance. All notifications shall be made within 8 days, when the event was occurred, in the location of the office (health insurance companies, Social Security of Administration).

  • Students with part-time form of studies (regardless of the age of student) are reguired by czech laws to report acts to OSSZ within 8 days, when the event was occured. Relevant reporting obligationis is determined by the state of student (for example, employee/employer, unemployed/labour office, self employed/student) via Law with no. 582/1991 Coll. and Decree no. 165/1979 Coll., pursuant to Decree no. 165/1979 Coll. § 47 para. 2. Students part-time form of studies do not log to Social insurance. If it is between high school and University some time inconsistency, students part-time form of studies do not log to social insurance.
  • Students with permanent residence in the Czech Republic (up to the age of 26) must fulfill the obligation to notify the insurance provider of any matters related to their insurance payment. The obligation to notify is thereby determined by the status of the student/notification obligation (for example, employer/employee, unemployed/labor office, business license holder/student).

Situation of studies

Student's obligation to notify arises mainly when they start/finish their studies, when they interrupt their studies and when they re-enroll after their studies were interrupted. Students must notify the insurance provider within 8 days from the time when the situation occurred. If the enrollment procedure of the first year students takes place in October or November, students can use the Notification of Admission and the enrollment invitation letter as a relevant document.

  • Students who ended their studies in compliance with Art.55 of Act No. 111/1998 Coll. (The Higher Education Act) have their insurance premium paid by the government until the end of the calendar month in which they finished their studies. In the following month, the government pays the premium for the student only if the person does not have a paid job for the whole of the month or if he/she is not entitled to unemployment benefits as a job seeker.

Termination of payments

Students above the age of 26 are no longer considered as unprovided for children, whose premiums are automatically paid by the government. In case their insurance premium is not paid by the employer, if they are not self-employed (business license holders) or if the students’ premium is not paid by the government for some other reason (e.g. job seekers registered with labor office) students are obliged to notify the relevant insurance provider of this fact and, as an "individual without taxable income", they must pay the monthly premium by themselves.