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Guest VŠEM

For lecture series Guest VŠEM are invited important personalities from the world of trade and business, top executives, business owners, prominent experts with backgrounds in economics, human resource management, marketing, finance, as well as personalities from social life to share their experiences through discussions and lectures. Lecture series takes place within the Open Days VŠEM.

Lecture series Guest VŠEM within Open days VŠEM

  • Attendance at the lecture Guest VŠEM is open to both students and alumni and also the general public (Aula VŠEM, Nárožní 2600/9A, Praha 5 - Stodůlky).
  • Students VŠEM can obtain for presence and essay (submission possible till 30 days after, 3 - 4 pages, under same terms as seminar paper) on given topic (Tomáš Ševčík: Trends in on-line marketing) 1 ECTS credit within PA (registration via DRS, submitting of the essay via SIS VŠEM/Zapoctova prace ).
  • Videointerviews from series Guest VŠEM, see YouTube Studium VŠEM

Upcoming for academic year 2015/2016

  • Ladislav Zibura, 30.9.2015 from 17:00
  • Petr Ocásek, 7.10.2015 from 17:00
  • Zdeněk Cendra, 14.10.2015 from 17:00
  • Andrej Kiska ml., November 2015

Personalities from series Guest VŠEM

NameProfessional orientationTopic
Dominik Stroukal Lecturer, chairman of Ludwig von Mises Institute for CZ a SVK
Bitcoin: Technology and currency
Josef Kadlec LinkedIn headhunter CV is dead: How do you look for a job or employees on LinkedIn?
Jitka Lucbauerová Partner in Partners Financial Services, a.s. Thinking of the successful
Petr Topinka, Robert Peňažka Marketers and founders of crowdsourcing platform The Future Baker About baking alias "You´ll eat what you bake".
Kateřina Kaňoková, Jana Klampflová Founders of GENDER Consulting, s.r.o. Secret of successful companies? People. Secret of you success? You.
Zamaan Mustapha Public speaker, Life coach, Leadership Trainer and NLP practitioner Set your Goals now, to achieve the Best everyday
Tomáš Čupr Entrepreneur How to build a successful company
Tomáš Springer Czech winemaker How to compete with Czech products in the international market
Petra Drahoňovská Career couch and lecturer Personal marketing alisas ME, s.r.o.
Martin C. Putna Czech literary historian, critic and pedagogue Russia against Europe? Old spiritual roots of current conflicts
Ondřej Šteffl Director of SCIO Edification vs. education
Ondřej Krátký Co-founder of start upu Liftago If you want you´ll always find a way
Erik Tabery Editor in chief of Respekt magazine About future of czech media
Lejla Abbasová Founder and director of endowment fund Asante Kenya About actual issues in Africa and management of endowment fund Asante Kenya
Jan Pirk Head of Department of Cardiovascular Surgery IKEM About heart and other heart issues
Stanislav Bernard Entrepreneur and owner of brewery Bernard brewery
Jana Grillová Porsche Inter Auto ČR Marketing with the smell of petrol
Jiří X. Doležal Journalist State of Czech media
Zdeněk Pohlreich Gastronomist Gastronomics in Czech Republic
Eva Samková Olympic winner in snowboardcrossu interview
Miroslav Singer Governor of ČNB Monetary politics of ČNB: foreign exchange intervention
Oldřich Dědek National coordinator for implementation of euro in the Czech Republic Monetary politics of Czech Republic, perspectives of the Euro
Tomáš Sedláček Economics and lecturer (R)evolutionary economics: System and People (book signing of T. Sedláčka)
Jan Macháček musician, journalist Eurozone crisis and European integration at the crossroads
Milan Fridrich Program director of ČT Czech television in medial reality in 2013
Senta Čermáková Director in Hewlett-Packard Corporation Global Business - Local Trust
Ondřej Hartman Broker and founder of server FXstreet.cz How to be successful on financial markets? Trading in the currency market FOREX!
Michal Musil Consultant in GrowJOB Institute Work hard, play hard
Roman Lindauer British Airways, Johnson & Johnson, KPMG Risk management through internal controlling
Eminence Miloslav kardinál Vlk Cardinal Religion in today´s society
Vladimír Tomšík Vice-governor ČNB Macroeconomic developments and financial stability in Czech Republic
Eva Holoubková Methodical coach and lecturer of comprehensive solutions to corporate problems Masculine and feminine approach to management
Kateřina Borovanská mMnaging director FreyaCZ, chairwoman of PR club Trends in PR and marketing communication
Michal Prokůpek Sales & marketing manager CEE of Atlas Advertising Group New technologies in marketing and advertisement
Peter Porubský chief of helpline Linka bezpečí Helpline
Petr Vyhnálek senior of marketing communication of GTS Czech Theory versus praxis in marketing communication
Radomil Štumpa director of banks, lawyer Fulfilling dreams and wishes
Vít Pekárek independent consultant in the field of marketing market research Marketing research in praxis
Jaroslav Tyč entrepreneur and business consultant Lines of business - business compass useful to all
Petr Havlík publicist, entrepreneur, active glossarist of political scene Audit in Czech Republic 1990 – 2012
Michael Rostock - Poplar entrepreneur, investor and co-founder of VI CF How to be a success in the world of business
Jan Švejnar economics and pedagogue Czech Republic in world context
Jiřina Šiklová sociologist and publicist Equal opportunities in business, politics and life
Hana Krbcová member of management of ČEZ Linking of corporate strategy of ČEZ
Karel Havlíček vice-chairman of the executive board of AMSPŽ ČR Entrepreneurship in Czech Republic
Jiří Mikeš advisor of Association of communication agencies in Czech Republic Commercial communication in Czech Republic
Jitka Schmiedová HR director of Česká spořitelna Personal management in praxis in multinational company
David Formánek HR director of Komerční banka Change management and career in a large company
Jaroslav Valůch trainer and consultant of public initiatives New media, social networks, mobile application
Břetislav Stromko Ogilvy marketing analytic News from advertisement and media

Photogallery from series Guest VŠEM

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