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Nursery school VŠEM

Nursery school of University of Economics and Management (MŠ VŠEM) with focus on sport and foreign languages is located on the premises of University of Economics and Management in Prague 5 (Nárožní 2600 / 9A, Stodůlky) with day care and education for children of preschool age 7 days a week.

Mission and goals of Nursery school VŠEM

Create a comfortable and stimulating environment where children come with joy and interest, when the priority is the mutual respectful relationship between teachers and children, in response to a combination of modern educational techniques, motor and speech therapy exercises to ensure the healthy development and well-being of the child.

  • Concept of Nursery school VŠEM is based on the Framework curriculum for nursery, which is complemented by new methods of pedagogy.
  • All-day educational care 7 days a week with possible flexible short-term service or hourly babysitting (evening hours, weekends, holidays and vacations)
  • Tuition in modern equipped gym, children's playground with a sandpit, outdoor seating and trampoline.
  • Offer of physical and cognitive activities within swimming courses, trips, visits to the theater, planetarium, elementary school, a night sleeping in the nursery, birthday parties, kite flying, bonfires, carnivals, weekend activities with parents, meetings with interesting guests (with firefighters, police officers, athletes).
  • Possibility to use spare capacity by students VŠEM (eg. students of part-time form of study during tuition Saturday/Sunday).

The modern approach in preschool education

Nursery school VŠEM is based on the school educational programs created on the basis of the Framework curriculum for nursery schools, where children are better prepared for entering elementary school, using new methods in pedagogy: intuitive learning, project methods, environmental education (by observation and practical activities children are led to an understanding of the importance of nature and environment for human life).

  • We combine educational techniques, motor and speech exercises
  • We practiced attention graphomotori ability to prevent learning disabilities
  • We choose a new method to resolve conflicts to suppress aggression
  • We diagnose possible learning difficulties and try to eliminate them
  • We focus on child being able to speak correctly and clearly before going to elementary school
  • We develop motor coordination, we use music, child than better manages to write
  • We leave enough space for the children's natural curiosity and creativity
  • We help to develop motor coordination (practicing yoga, dance)
  • We practiced concentration to better manage entry to primary school
  • Volíme rozumnou cestu mezi hrou a učením
  • We choose reasonably between play and learning
  • We respect children as separate individuals
  • We prefer healthy foods, fruits, vegetables and beverages have kids all day available
  • We encourage creativity and natural curiosity
  • We regularly inform parents about events at nursery school
  • Information for parents about upcoming events via e-mail
  • In any weather, we play and do sports outdoors

Sport and physical activities

Physical activity increases physical and emotional resilience of children who are encouraged to protect their health, develop physical fitness and mental balance when physical activity increases resistance to disease.

  • We are strengthening physical fitness and mental balance
  • We develop physical coordination to prevent learning disabilities
  • We combine physical activity with relaxation exercises and music to suppress aggression
  • We instil in children healthy lifestyle habits
  • We develop specific movement skills in swimming preparations

Foreign languages

Acquiring basic communication skills in english language by an experience, when a foreign language is practiced in a playful way (game, story, fairytale, song).

  • We develop basic vocabulary (greetings, family, animals, numbers, colors, things that surround children)
  • Besides English, we offer German and Russian


Modern premises of nursery school provide plenitude of space for quality education and extracurricular activities (2 classrooms, children's playroom, outdoor playground).