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Social Responsibility

University of Economics and Management is aware of the obligations resulting from its position as one of the leading private educational institutions and therefore is fully aware of the concept of Corporate Social Responsibility.


VŠEM understands that education is narrowly connected to responsibility and general as well as professional ethics. Therefore, VŠEM does not tolerate unethical behaviour of its students, employees or business partners.

Studies at VŠEM

VŠEM supports freedom of thinking, research, expression of opinions and ideas. It supports equal opportunities, by means of the project Studies at VŠEM, it stresses elimination of obstacles on the path to education by providing support to the handicapped or otherwise unpriviledged students

VŠEM in Africa

VŠEM cooperates with the non-profit organization People in Need and it participates in several short-term and long-term projects. The cooperation has led to the project VŠEM in Africa, aiming to eliminate illiteracy in African countries.

Memory of Nation Post Bellum

VŠEM realizes, that sharing information is extremely important. Therefore, it supports the project Post Bellum, the Memory of Nation, aiming to make information concerning history of the 20th century available to public.


VŠEM sees its social responsibility in relation to the environment and endeavor to respect the rules of organic behavior. VŠEM is not just trying to consistently meet obligations arising from the promotion of the concept of social responsibility, but tries to pass these basic ethical, moral and social principles on its students.