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Internal grants VŠEM (IG VŠEM) is the scientific research project of the University of Economics and Management, involving lecturers and academics VŠEM. The aim of internal projects is the development of science and research, together with the presentation of outputs and results of the implementation of teaching. Grants and support should create at VŠEM creative and innovative environment conducive to the current and modern system of education.

Projects IG VŠEM

Projects IG VŠEM focus on specialized areas taught by educational departments. Grants reflect research areas which are developing taught courses of bachelor's, master's and MBA studies.

Internal grants VŠEM focus on the following areas:
  • Corporate management, strategy, management systems, management skills, including the concept of sustainable management and development.
  • Corporate economy, including subdivisions - law, ethics, finance and financial management, controlling.
  • Economics, the focus is both on the field of micro-businesses and on macroeconomic issues and economic environment. .
  • Marketing in marketing research, environmental analysis and marketing strategies, communications and media.
  • Management of human resources, corporate culture, motivation, development, community work, personnel management, psychology and sociology.

Internal grants will focus its activities on in-depth analysis of the research problem. Activities are conceptually designed and utilize modern scientific research methods.

Research subject of IG VŠEM is particulary:
  • Analysis of assumptions and results in the study area, identification of causal factors and find solutions for the development of the selected issue.
  • The analysis is based on a comprehensive methodological approach that combines primary and secondary data, both qualitative and quantitative approaches and solutions to differentiate macroeconomic, sectoral, regional and business perspective.
  • The aim of the project is the creation of qualified analytical data for decision-making of economic actors in promoting the successful transition of the Czech Republic to the system sustainable and knowledge-based economy.
  • Internal grants engage students VŠEM in activities where they have the opportunity to participate in research projects and to expand their skills and abilities in the chosen field of study.

Realised projects IG VŠEM

In the academic year 2014/2015 was launched internal grant competition according to the rules listed above. The total of 8 project proposals were submitted. Project evaluation took place in two rounds. In the first round were evaluated formalities of applications, in the second round the applications were scored according to the quality of proposals. Subsequently, the bar of the results of internal grant competition was put together.

Overview of supported projects

  • Skill-port VŠEM - your light-house in the world of knowledge, skills and personal development (principal investigator: H. Smolová)
  • Competence Center "Smarter Workforce" (principal investigator: H. Smolová)
  • Financial Mathematics VŠEM (principal investigator: J. Coufal)
  • Aspects of the effectiveness of talent management with an emphasis on variability in attitudes of employees and organizations and their influence on performance management (principal investigator: L. Vnoučková)

Completed projects IG VŠEM

Generators of company performance (term solution 2012-2013) - principal investigator Ing. Miroslav Spacek, Ph.D., MBA. The project has actively involved eight co-researchers. The aim of the research is the identification of selected generators performance of businesses and the description of the causal relations between these factors and the performance of companies. The project comprehensively analyzes the quantitative and qualitative factors in the competitiveness of companies in the Czech Republic and identifies their impact on growth and development of enterprises.

  • Generators of performance of enterprises in selected sectors of the industry (principal investigator: M. Spacek, J. Hyršlová, R. Zuzák)
  • Innovation and management innovation process as a generator company performance (principal investigator: L. Čichovský, J. Boháček)
  • Factors affecting the efficiency of human resource management (principal investigator: L. Vnoučková)
  • Capital structure of Czech companies and business ethics (principal investigator: I. Jindřichovská)

Outputs IG VŠEM

Publications and other dissemination activities IG VŠEM are implemented in research projects. Outputs are mainly concerned with scoring and internationally recognized scientific journals and conferences. Emphasis is however placed on the popularization of science and thus the outputs and targets the working papers (part research study), monographs, articles, participation in seminars, workshops, round tables and workshops over its own research outputs. Outputs IG VŠEM are in addition to external technical users intended as a supplementary teaching materials for educational programs VŠEM. At the same time, the involvement of students in research activities IG VŠEM is supported in the form of participation in corporate investigations carried out and the creation of case studies. In this case, the utilization of the benefits of the combined form of study that allows direct connection of teaching students practical experience and expertise of their employers.

Application documents for IG VŠEM and conditions of the competition: