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StartUp VSEM

StartUp VSEM is a space for work, meetings, innovation, personal development and business development. A community that will support your project and help to its success.

StartUp VSEM is a seed accelerator for Czech startups. Our goal is to help companies build viable products, launch fast and successfully raise capital. We do our best to follow philosophy, methodology and standard of world-class accelerators.

Beginning in September 2015, StartUp specializes in each new batch of startups it accelerates. This allows startup founders to work alongside other teams in the same field, and share knowledge and nurture potential cooperation on various levels.

StartUp VSEM is the ideal combinationof coworkingand privateoffices. We will rent youa fully furnished office with access to a common room, relaxation zone, gym and nursery school, which is more than just a workplace.

StartUp VSEM is not only focused on the work area, but also on the personal development of individuals. We focus on organizing events, lectures, seminars and workshops dedicated to developed personal and professional lives. StartUp VSEM is not only a shared workspace, it is also a shared living space where you can grow professionally and socially.