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StartUp VŠEM

StartUp VŠEM is a space for work, meetings, innovation, personal and business development. A community that will support your project and help to its success. You will gain an opportunity to make contacts, get inspired by new perspectives or be mentored by more experienced colleagues. If you are looking for an untraditional office space, with all benefits of an office, StartUp VŠEM is a perfect place for you.

StartUp VŠEM is a seed accelerator for Czech startups. Our goal is to help companies build viable products, launch fast and successfully raise capital. We do our best to follow philosophy, methodology and standard of world-class accelerators.

Beginning in September 2015, StartUp specializes in each new batch of startups it accelerates. This allows startup founders to work alongside other teams in the same field, and share knowledge and nurture potential cooperation on various levels.

What we offer

StartUp VŠEM is ideal either for coworking or networking both in a closed office or open space, or for your meetings, business negotiations or conferences containing lectures, courses, and training.

  • Organisation of events, lectures, seminars and workshops.
  • A shared workspace and also a shared living space where you can grow professionally and socially.
  • Opportunity to put your own projects into practice and gain financial, professional, and organisational support.


Modern design provides perfect working conditions for your personal and professional growth in pursuance of your business activities in a company of active and dynamic people.

  • Fully furnished offices with an access to a common room, relaxation zone, gym, and Nursery School VŠEM.
  • Benefits of a shared space - multifunctional printer, wi-fi connection, assistance service and a great community of people - without taking care of cleaning, mail, or technical service.

Financing of StartUp VŠEM projects

Financial support for starting businessmen, innovators, or investors can be up to 2 million CZK. The main purpose is to support attractive projects at their beginning and then help their founders to grow both professionally and personally.