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VŠEM Projects

Individual VŠEM projects are aimed at the promotion of tertiary education as well as at the popularization of higher education, which is still not widely accessible in the Czech Republic.

Publishing activities VŠEM

Edition of own teaching materials and textbooks VŠEM in paper and electronic form (E-books ALL), currently covering all study subjects, respectively all study programs VŠEM.

Elite program VŠEM

Elite program VŠEM is a formidable educational and training program, which is targeted at the development of study-gifted students, who show the active interest about their studies and future professional assertion. The aim of this program is to provide formidable tuition through lectures from attractive areas, designed especially for Elite program VŠEM and intermediation of co-operation with companies for elite posts.

Nursery School VŠEM

Nursery School VŠEM provides a range of educational and recreational programs for children, as part of a comprehensive approach to education at VŠEM. Students and graduates of VŠEM can apply discounts on tuition within NS VŠEM.

StartUp VŠEM

StartUp VŠEM is a space for work, meetings, innovation, personal development and business development. A community that will support your project and help to its success.

Leaving Examination from Mathematics at VŠEM

Revision for the leaving examination from mathematics, realized at the University of Economics and Management, is divided into 12 independent lectures, where additional study materials, video lectures and video consultations with the lecturer are available.

Study at VŠEM

The long-term project Study at VŠEM emphasises on removing barriers in access to education by providing support to disabled students in the form of scholarships, material support and a special approach, where the mission of the project is to remove barriers in access to education and to support the related discussion in the professional and the public area, not only in the Czech Republic.

Videolearning VŠEM

Video tutorial application for study subjects / administration of studies are designed for on-line repetition and knowledge testing.

VŠEM in Africa

VŠEM in Africa is part of a long-term project Study VŠEM, or the fight against illiteracy in African countries, and ensuring quality teaching environment for children aged 8-15 years. In cooperation with People in Need, the project VŠEM in Africa will also provide employment opportunities for local businesses or local residents with an implementation period during 2010 - 2020 period.