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VSEM Rector's award

Rector's Award for the best seminar papers and thesis, case studies, research and development projects), is intended for students and academics of VSEM.


Seminar papers and Thesis, Case Studies, Research and Development Projects

Conditions of the Competition and Important Dates

  • Only the Bachelor’s and Diploma theses elaborated during the academic year 2015/2016, 2016/2017 are allowed participate in the contest
  • The scientific works can be nominated both by the private university or college and by individuals
  • The participating works can be written either in the Czech or the Slovak or the English language (in the MS Word or Adobe Acrobat PDF format)
  • The work has to be submitted together with the opponent’s survey through Contact form VŠEM (Rector’s office, subject of the message: VŠEM Rector’s award, Cena rektora VŠEM)
  • The competition is composes of two turns, nine of the best works will be selected in the first turn. The works will be then further evaluated in the second turn
  • In the first turn of the competition (which is electronic), the opponents form together a committee, the pro-rector for Study Affairs and Research  being the chairperson
  • In the second turn, the works are presented in front of the committee
  • VSEM reserves the right not to award any prize in case of poor work or insufficient number of registred students.
  • The winners are entitled to a 100% scholarship for the study program VSEM (Bc./BBA, Ing./MSc., MBA) or financial reward (academic staff VSEM).


  • The Rector of VSEM professor Milan Žák, the chairman
  • The president of The Economic Chamber of the Czech Republic, Dr. Ing. Jaromír Drábek
  • The director of CERGE-EI, Lubomír Lízal
  • The representative of the economic research of the Czech National Bank, Dr. Kateřina Šmídková
  • The representative of the middle entrepreneur association of the Czech Republic
  • The Academic Council VSEM