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VSEM Graduates

The aim of the University of Economics and Management is to stay in touch with students after the completion of studies. Lectures and informal social events offer the opportunity to meet with former colleagues, current students and with proffessors.

VSEM offers the opportunity to participate at VSEM actively, through individual cooperation in education, development projects or promotion. Graduates VSEM become an integral part of the university and they are given the same priority as current students.

The VSEM alumni membership

Successful graduates of Bachelor's and Master's degree programs of the College of Economics and Management after graduation are automatically enrolled in the graduate program VSEM.

After one year from graduation, graduates decide whether they are interested in a Graduation program VSEM. Continuing the graduation program VSEM is charged CZK 2,000 CZK / 12 months.

The VSEM alumni membership includes:

  • Access to SIS VŠEM and a mailbox (name.surname@absolventvsem.cz, group: graduate).
  • Possibility to attend the conferences, seminars and other programmes organized by VSEM or by the partner institutions of VSEM.
  • Possibility to attend sport and cultural events organized by VSEM or by the partner institutions of VSEM.
  • Professional and career counselling.
  • Special prices of the professional, language and other courses.
  • free access to Videolearning VSEM
  • use Fitness VSEM free of charge
  • graduate certificate