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European structural funds

University of Economics and Management has become a receptor of the financial support within the frame of the programme called “Operational Programme Prague pole of growth” (OPPR), “Operational Programme Prague Adaptability" (OPPA), "Operational Programme Education for Competitivness" (OPVK).

Multicultural 13

  • Name: Enhancement of skills of pedagogical and other staff working in education for inclusive, innovative and high-quality education in district Prague 13.
  • Short name: Multicultural 13
  • Operational programme: OPPR
  • The aim of the project is to increase the skills of teaching staff and other workers in education through the development and implementation of training programs for inclusive, innovative and quality teaching. Activities are specifically linked to needs in education with a focus on integration of people with different sociocultural context. The project is aimed at training people that are providing education for pupils with different language and cultural roots that operate in heterogeneous environment of Prague 13th.

Mathematics VŠEM

  • Name: Popularization of Mathematics and support for students in the transition from high school to university
  • Short name: Mathematics VŠEM
  • Operational programme: OPPA
  • The project aims to provide an interesting form of high quality mathematics education and increase literacy in math mainly of contemporary secondary school students. The project is divided into seven key activities, which form a harmonious and unified whole. During the project will be conceptually, methodologically and substantively prepared upgrade of the educational program, it will be tested, implemented, continuous improved based on feedback, promotion and dissemination of solutions across target groups - high school teachers, secondary school students.


  • Name: Work placements modules developed for inovation and development of fields of study at VŠEM
  • Short name: MOP VŠEM
  • Operational programme: OPPA
  • The project is designed to prepare students for praxis through logical framework of interconnected activities that make up the module of professional practice. The overall objective of the project is to create conditions for the development of such knowledge, skills and experience of students, allowing them to enter labor market shortly after the successful completion of studies.

Education VŠEM

  • Name: Development and implementation of the educational programmes designed for VŠEM employees
  • Short name: Education VŠEM VŠEM
  • Operational programme: OPPA
  • The project expands existing knowledge of VŠEM staff in professional, managerial, interpersonal, language skills and soft skills.

Let´s speak together

  • Name: Let´s speak together
  • Short name: Let´s speak
  • Operational programme: OPVK
  • The project aims to support and improve teaching of foreign languages in schools and assist with the introduction of new methods of teaching. Emphasis is placed on the inter-relationships and the practical use of foreign languages. Another goal of the project is to support the participation of native speakers in the teaching and internationalization of education. An important element is the support of teachers through deepening their foreign language competence of teachers and native speakers.