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Milan Sojka's award

In cooperation with the National Institute of Josef Hlávka, VŠEM grants the Milan Sojka’s Award in order to support development in the area of social sciences and to remember the contribution the outstanding university teacher of economics - professor Milan Sojka.

Foundation "Talent of Josef, Marie and Zdenka Hlávkových"

The oldest Czech Foundation was founded by Dr. Josef Hlavka on 25. of January  1904. Foundation activity is closely linked with the fate of Czech society.  Conception of Talent acitivities was deeply affected by social changes, especially after years 1939 and 1948. Talent was the sole heir of all the assets of Josef Hlavka, which serves to the education of the Czech nation. Talent encouraged "the Czech Academy of Emperor Franz Josef for Science, Literature and Arts", "College Student of Prague Czech universities" and the Economics Institute. In 1953, the decision of the government was all Czech foundations canceled except Talent J., M., and Z. Hlávka that has been left to the formal existence of a particular homeland mission and torso of the original estate. Upheavals and changes that occurred after 1989 enabled it to be restored to the reference value and J. Hlavka's Renaissance talent.

Prof. Ing. Milan Sojka, CSc.

Prof. Ing. Milan Sojka, CSc. (23.of March 1951 in Prague - 17th of May 2009 in Prague) was a Czech economist who worked as a university professor of economics, as a lecturer and  a head of the Department of Institutional Economics at the Faculty of Social Sciences, Charles University in Prague. In 1974 he completed a degree in political economics at the University of Economics, Faculty of Economics in Prague. After graduation he worked at the Department of the History of Economic Thought, in 1982 he obtained  in 1982 the title of Candidate of Science degree in history of economic theory. During the 80th of the 20 century, he worked as a teacher at the Graduate School of Economics  Institute of the Science Academy. In 1987 he was awarded by the title of Associate Professor of Economics and in 1996 the title of professor. From 1990 until his death in 2009 he worked at the Institute of Economic Studies, Faculty of Social Sciences, Charles University in Prague. As a teacher he dedicated specifically to the history and development of Czech and world economic thought. In 2008 zíkal Czech Economic Society Award for long-term learning in economic benefits.

Milan Sojka´s award is intended for the author of the best defended and published study of the Economics Institute of Josef Hlavka (NÚJH)
and is awarded annually by Josef Hlavka Economics Institute in cooperation with the University of Economics and Management, after fulfilling the conditions, see  Statute of Milan Sojka´s award (PDF version)

Milan Sojka´s award

  • 2014: prof. Ing. Oldrich Dědek. for the study: "The history of European monetary integration. Duration of the euro."
  • 2013: David R. Beveridge for the study: "Zdenka Josef Hlavkas - Anna and Antonin Dvorak. Friendship two couples and tir work in Czech and world art"
  • 2012: Mgr. Zuzana Podaná, PhD. for his work "The phenomenon of juvenile delinquency in the Czech Republic and Central Europe"
  • 2011: JUDr. Dr.. Josef Benda, Ph.D. for his work "The restitution of property of former aristocratic families after 1989"
  • 2010 Ing. Václav Klusoň, DrSc.  for the "Modern corporations in current capitalism"