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Study Results Supervision

Control of studies includes standard (credits, exams, seminar papers, final exams and defense of bachelor/master theses) and specific forms of studies within self educational (textbooks, sample exam tests, WebForum, VideoForum, VideoLearning).

  • Student can get +20 points to the final exam, if will have 100% participation in educational camps (condition for adding points to exam is the classification of "well - 3", ie. at least 51 points), via Attendance, Registration System (ARS).

Examination Period

Exams take place within Examination period, during the whole calendar year (12 months); the student can set his individual exam plan (IEP) on the basis of determined/announced exam dates in SIS VŠEM, as well as his own preferences. Exam period is a time/date determined period within the academic year, when students can pass exams within their individual control of studies (EX, SFE, Presentation of seminar paper, Defense of bachelor/diploma work). Student chooses exam workshops depending on the selected tuition fee level (Classic, Standard, Premium).

Ways and Forms of Completion

A study subject is completed by a written examination (EX), or a credit (CR). A successful completion of a seminar block requires submitting a seminar paper (SP) and to complete the whole study programme, a student has to pass all the relevant final examinations (FE) and to defend the Bachelor thesis or the Diploma thesis (BT / DT). The ways of supervision differ according to the study programmes and the study modes. These are described in detail in the annotations of the study programmes and majors.

Initial and output exams

Required input and output exams are used to for determine the general knowledge during studies at VŠEM, that their results do not affect the proper closure/graduation.

  • Initial exams (qualification basis, general knowledge, foreign language - English/NJ) completion by the end of the first trimester.
  • Output exams (qualification basis, general knowledge). Completion after the conclusion of the studies.
  • Passing input/output exams within the listed Electronic examination period (EEP).
  • Classification (point) Input (initial) and output is not a condition for closing/graduation at VŠEM.