Final Exams (FE)

The final state exam comprises of the written exam and oral exam and the defence of bachelor or diploma thesis (part of the BT/DT defence is the final oral exam), with the content (topics) designed according to the study program/specialisation.

Administration and classification of the final written exam

The final written exam is a written test of knowledge for testing the scope and quality a student’s education received within the respective study programme/specialisation considering the respective topics (see the Structure and time plan for the studies). The student can pass the final written exam during the standard study period providing he/she passed the exams (classified EX) from individual study subjects included in his/her respective final exam.

  • The schedule for completing the studies specifies the time sequence of individual phases during the appropriate study completion (study conclusion, final testing, defence of bachelor/diploma thesis).
  • The final written exam is evaluated within the scope of 0 - 300 points and classified within the standards scope expressed in percentage (0 - 50% = 4 / 51 - 70% = 3 / 71 - 90% = 2 / 91 - more % = 1).
  • The student passes the final written exams within pre-defined terms (the first Wednesday in the month) or individually within the extraordinary terms and services (ETS).
  • The application for the written final exam takes place by means of SIS VŠEM/Student’s exam/Enrolment the exam term/FE providing the deadline for application/cancellation is always before Wednesday 23:59 before the FE.
  • A student can register for the respective FE only in case he/she has available the classification of partial exams from the respective study module within SIS VŠEM/E-index.
  • The written exam term commences commonly from 10 o’clock. (individually within ETS).
  • The final exam evaluation is available for the students usually after 14 days from the exam passing date providing the results are recorded for the students in SIS VŠEM/E-index (electronic index) and automatically sent to the student‘s e-mail (the latest date evaluation in E-index is included in the classification review).
  • A student has three exam attempts for each final exam (FE), and after failing the third exam attempt (4 – unsatisfactory), the study is terminated for incompliance with the conditions.

Viewing the final exam

A student can within 30 days from registering the results in SIS VŠEM/E-index check the classified/corrected final test at the study department based on the sent and approved application by means of  SIS VŠEM/Studijní formulář/Nahlédnutí do testu (a student defines the study subject, date of FE, date of picking up/viewing FE).

  • The application for viewing the test can be sent after the publishing/issuing the FE classification in SIS VŠEM/E - index, at the latest 48 hours prior to the specified term for viewing the exam.
  • A student can apply for reviewing the Fe results (evaluation revision) within 30 days from recording the results in SIS VŠEM/E-index, based on the student’s application to view the test.
  • Recording notes, making copies or photocopies during the test viewing/ FE revision is not permitted for the students with applied identical instructions and sanctions as during the examination sessions.
  • During the test viewing/FE revision, a student has available a basic study literature for the respective study subject (borrowed from the study department).
  • After 30 days the FE results are considered applicable and definitive (provision of SZŘ).
    Viewing the FE and subsequent definition of disputable questions/answers is the condition for FE revision by the lecturer/department.
  • The review is available in SIS VŠEM Klasifikovaných zkouškových termínů as per the date of the exam, type of the exam term and information if exam is available for viewing in the study department.

Revision of the final exam

  • The revision of the final exam is submitted to the lecturer only in case of clear objections and reasoning of the respective question/answer (request for revision of the exam).
  • The application for the FE revision must always include the specific controversial questions and answers subject to the revision (without the specified issues the application will be cancelled).
  • The FE revision result is available for the student usually within 14 days from submitting/registering the application (student’s email, files of the applicant/student).
  • FE revision has no postponement effect for the classification of further exam attempt when the final FE evaluation is considered the last classification evaluation in E-index, i.e. the evaluation with the latest date of FE implementation, regardless the revision result.

Final oral exam

  • The oral final exam is subject to the classification (1 - 3) of the respective written final exams for the given study program (Bc./Ing./MBA), the compliance with the time schedule for the study conclusion and completion is a part of final thesis defence (BT/DT), where the topics are specified for the respective study program/specialisation. The content of the oral final exam is specified by testing the scope and quality of the student's knowledge within the topics specified for the final state exam (Bc./Ing.), respectively the final exam (MBA).
  • Oral FE takes place by means of committee method within the specified deadlines for the final thesis defence always during the last week of the respective month (October/January/June) between Monday – Friday, and the specific day and time are defined based on the number of enrolled students after the application deadline completion for BT/DT defence).
  • Oral FE in front of the examination committee focuses on the topics for the respective study programme (Bc./Ing./MBA), respectively the study specialisation and major specialisation in relation to the student’s final thesis. 
  • The oral FE forms a part of the student's final thesis defence (BT/DT) as the oral final examination (Bc./Ing./MBA) and is subject to the standard university classification within the scope 1 - 4.
  • A student is enrolled automatically in oral FE within the application for the BT/DT defence by means of SIS VŠEM/Student’s exams/BT/DT defence.