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Study Programmes

The overview of study programmes and specialisations offered at the University of Economics and Management, part-time (K) and full-time (P) form of studies (individual study modes determine the relevant allocation of hours for the given course as well as teaching days), distance form (individual on-line form based on self-study with opportunity to pass exams during a whole year).

Study programs (Bc./BBA/Ing./MSc./MBA)

Bachelor (Bc./BBA) And Master (MSc./MBA) programmes at VŠEM are divided into fields of studies with relevant industry specialisations.

  • Economics and Economic Policy, Finance, Marketing and Advertising
  • Human Resources, Communication and Society, Human Resource Management
  • Law, Management of Health, Management of trade
  • Psychology and Sociology, Public Administration, International Relations

Professional courses/MOOC

Professional courses include a specialised short-term intensive programs in attendance (1 - 5 day), or distance online (mooc) form of studies, in selected areas of expertise and are implemented as a souce of lifelong learning (LLL), according to university standards, with the possibility of tax deductibility and offsetting credits for subsequent studies (Bc./MSc./MBA).

  • Finance and financial markets, human resources, management, marketing, advertising, law, accounting, taxation and fiscal policy, economics, communication and communication skills, international relations, innovation and social innovation, etc.