Seminar Paper (SP)

Seminar paper is an independent written output of a student. It represents a standard means of assessing students' work in a given study module and is typical of higher education system.

Seminar paper helps to improve academic writing skills, which can be subsequently used within individual study modules, where students apply general knowledge (received in specialized subjects) to specific problems. Last but not least, writing seminar papers help students to prepare methodically for their Bachelor/Diploma thesis work.

  • Seminar paper topics are always listed in the annotation to individual study modules/programmes.
  • The assigned seminar paper topic is formulated as a particular issue/problem which students are asked to solve using a wide range of specialized resources.
  • When writing a SP, students must adhere to the administrative guidelines stated at: Seminar paper content and form requirements (PDF file)
  • Students can apply for approval of their own seminar paper topic via SIS VSEM/Study Forms/Request/Question.
  • Students are allowed a maximum of three attempts to write a seminar paper for the study module they have enrolled in. If students fail their SP for the third time, (obtaining an F grade) they have the possibility to apply for the so-called "Rector's exam" (the fourth attempt) via SIS VSEM/Study Forms.
  • Failing the Rector's exam (obtaining an F grade) is considered as a failure to meet study requirements and subsequently followed by terminating studies without compensation.
  • Students are not allowed to submit a SP with identical content in more study modules. (For every module, students must write an original seminar paper)
  • The SP submission deadlines are not set. However, the studies guarantor or the teacher have the right to set a deadline for the SP (e.g. before the relevant exam, before the end of trimester), which students must adhere to.
  • Seminar papers must be submitted electronically via SIS VSEM/Seminar papers. The document must be in DOC, PDF or ORG format and it must contain title page, cover note and the SP text, all included in one file.
  • Should the SP fail to meet formal requirements it will be returned to the student for correction (it will not be registered nor will it be handed over to the teacher for evaluation)
  • Students are usually notified of the SP result 30 days after their paper was registered with the Department of Studies. (SPs are graded individually)
  • In case the SP is graded as "insufficient" (4), the student must rewrite it, following the instructions of the supervisor. It is not possible to choose another topic within th egiven study module.
  • To be given the final grade, full-time as well as part-time students of selected study programmes (Bc./Ing./MBA) are required to present their SP (individually, in a group).
  • (K1) part-time students, whose study module outcome is a seminar paper (SP), must have their seminar paper graded before sitting for the FE. If the SP is written within the framework of seminar classes (P1/P2/K2 studies), the condition stated above does not apply.