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Bachelor (Bc./BBA)

The three-year bachelor degree programme (Business Economics, Communication and Human Resources, Marketing) with field specializations is realized in Czech language (full-time, part-time and distance form of study).

NOTE: The bachelor study programme taught in English language is currently opened just in distance form of studies in the Academic year 2018/2019.


Elective subjects
Change Management Financial Literacy Prognostic Methods
Communicative Skills and Rhetorics Financial Mathematics Psychology and Psychotherapy
Copywriting Basics Financial Stability Psychology in Personnel Practice
Crisis Communication International Standards of Financial Reporting Public Relations, Communications and Media
Crisis Management Investments Reputation Management
Data-based Marketing

Labour Behaviour Motivation

Retention and Acquisition in Sales Channel

Digital Marketing Basics Leadership Sales Environment
Effective Acquisition and Selection Managerial Controlling State-Funded Institution Management
European Integration Non-profit Organisations System Thinking in Managerial Practice
Finance and Banking Practical Business Management  
Financial Audit Presentation Skills