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Doctoral Degree Ph.D.

The three-year doctoral degree program (Economics and Management) with field specializations is realized in full-time and part-time forms of study. The program is accredited by ACBSP (it is not accredited by Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports).

Characteristics and Form of Study

The doctoral degree of studies is intended for experts who already have a university education and who want to devote themselves more into scientific work. The field is intended for students, who have deeper interest in further education and scientific work in the area of economics and management. It focuses on training scientific and research workers, who acquire profound theoretical knowledge which they will be able to apply in scientific, research, economic or pedagogical practice.

The study instructs the experts in self-dependent creative work, conceptual approach to problem solving, and application of new findings in practise. Applicants may be university graduates of either economics-orientated universities, or other technical or humanities fields. The variety of the studied subjects enables the applicant to adjust his/her attended courses to the previous education as well as to the particular focus of his/her dissertation thesis.

  • Part-time study form is realized by 1-day tuition sessions during the weekend (Saturday-Sunday).
  • Full-time study form is realized by 2-day tuition sessions during the weekdays (Monday-Friday).
  • Tuition of individual study subjects is realized by standard tuition sessions in accordance with the form of study and interactive video-applications VŠEM (video-learning, video-seminar, video-consultaions).

Content and Form of Study

Doctoral program contains 2 tuition blocks (basic/obligatory and specialization/elective). Study subjects are finished by an exam. To complete the whole study, it is necessary to pass an oral final examination and defence of the disseration thesis. The standard length of the study programme is 3 academic years.

  • Basic block (4 subjects): completion of all basic block study subjects and passing the comprehensive final examinations.
  • Specialization block (10 subjects): completion of min. 2 subjects from the specialization block.
  • Dissertation thesis: submission and defence of the dissertation thesis.

Requirements and Conditions

  • The student is obliged to study all the compulsory subjects (basic block) and 2 of the elective subjects (specialization block), according to their own choice.
  • Tuition takes place in the form of lecturers, seminars and workshops with the tutor.
  • The dissertation thesis supervisor shall be chosen by the student in the first trimester of study.
  • The student shall compile his/her individual study plan, which must be approved, and choose the dissertation thesis supervisor in order to be admitted to examination.
  • Passing the foreign language (English or German) exam at the advanced level (A2).
  • The exams, and the defence of the projects, shall be commissional (evaluation: Passed/Failed).
  • The conclusion of all exams by the end of the 2nd year (in case of scholarship).
  • Passing the comprehensive final exam (basic-block subjects) by the end of the 3rd year.
  • The publication of at least 1 article per year in a reviewed magazine.
  • The publication of at least 1 article in SCOPUS, Impakt or Thomson Reuters.
  • The participation in at least 1 international conference.
  • The student shall teach at least 1 study subject during the course of his/her studies.
  • After fulfilling the study conditions and passing all the exams, the student may register to defend their dissertation thesis.
  • Doctoral study is completed after passing the dissertation thesis defence.