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International student club (ISC)

International Student Club VŠEM (ISC VŠEM) works on the basis of volunteering. Students of VŠEM - "Buddies" - are responsible for their foreign colleagues individually in their free time. Their main responsibility towards foreign students is to make the stay of foreign students easier in the Czech Republic and make their studies at VŠEM easier.

Participation in ISC´s activities allow Czech students communicate in a foreign language, to establish foreign contacts and familiarize with foreign cultures. The participation will also help in admission procedure for Erasmus+ mobility.

Mission of ISC VŠEM

  • To help with orientation within new cultural environment
  • Assistence with necessary administration (public transport card, accomodation, etc.)
  • Help with overcoming language barrier
  • To make an orientation in Prague and at VŠEM easier


  • Since AR 15/16, ISC´s activities are financed by VŠEM
  • Ongoing recruitment of new members
  • President of ISC is Hana Váchalová
  • ISC VŠEM is active on instagram (@erasmus_vsem)