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Admission Procedures

If a student wishes to come to study at University of Economics and Management in Prague, he/she has to be officially nominated by their home university Erasmus coordinator/International office first. Nominations must be sent via Contact Form before the given deadline.

Note: students cannot apply without the approval of their home institution.

Application Forms

To apply for Erasmus exchange study programme at VŠEM, following documents must be duly signed by the Erasmus coordinator (either Institutional or Departmental) at student’s home institution and afterwards submitted to the coordinator of VŠEM.

Application deadlines

  • 1st JUNE - for the autumn term and for the whole academic year (nomination deadline 30th April)
  • 15th NOVEMBER - for the winter term (nomination deadline 31st October)
  • 31st JANUARY - for the summer term (nomination deadline 10th January)

Please note that VŠEM cannot guarantee a place in the programme after the deadlines. Also, opening of the given term is dependent on sufficient number of nominated students.

Academic year

Academic year at VŠEM is divided into 3 trimesters:

Autumn term: 1.9. - 31.1. (January - exam period)
Winter term: 1.1. - 30.4. (April - exam period)
Summer term: 1.4. - 30.6. (June - exam period)

Course list

Courses for the Learning Agreement Mobility programme are listed on our website, see Course Catalogue. (Note: VŠEM cannot guarantee opening of all the courses listed in the catalogue for each term, 5 – 6 courses are usually opening per trimester, applicants are being informed in due time.)

Submitting Forms

Fill in all the application forms (Learning Agreement, Student Application Form and Registration Form) on the computer and send them to the VŠEM coordinator via Contact Form. The VŠEM coordinator checks all the forms and informs the sender about its reception within 7 working days.

Necessary Documents

Before arrival to the Czech Republic, each student has to make sure that he/she has all the following documents:

  • Valid passport/ ID
  • Student Application Form and Learning Agreement confirmed by VŠEM
  • Transcript of Records provided and confirmed by his/her home university presenting his/her academic performance before the mobility period
  • Valid health and accident travel insurance
  • Sufficient financial means
  • 1 photograph for the Student Identification Card

NOTE for students: Do not forget to announce the precise date and time of your arrival at VŠEM to the coordinator no later than 3 weeks before your definitive arrival.

VŠEM Erasmus Coordinator contact (student's mobility)

Bc. Kateřina Vykydalová
Nárožní 2600/9a
CZ – 158 00 Praha 5
The Czech Republic
contact: https://en.vsem.cz/contact-form.html
Erasmus ID Code: CZ USTINAD02

In the Erasmus staff mobility and institutional matters, please contact VŠEM Erasmus+ Institutional Coordinator Natálie Kadeřábková via https://en.vsem.cz/contact-form.html.